Aquarius Occupation

The kind of occupation that generally interests someone born under the sign of Aquarius is work that has a bit of idealism to it—a job that has a philosophical outlook. It is important that these men and women have jobs suited to their particular talents and character.
If it is not exactly their kind of work, then it must be open-ended enough so that they can mold it to fit their particular needs.
Aquarius men and women have to be creative in their work. Suggestions and new techniques will keep them motivated. Quite often their place of business profits if they are allowed to approach the duties of their position in a creative manner.
Aquarius enjoys keeping busy. They believe in rolling up their sleeves and getting down to brass tacks immediately. They do not like to waste time when working. Quite often they are quicker than the people they work with and can finish their job in half the time it takes others to do it. They are energetic and enthusiastic in what they do. Many of their suggestions for improvements on the job are helpful. They are usually a great source of inspiration for co-workers. Responsibility does not frighten Aquarius, but they would rather not take orders from someone else.
Quite often the mind of an Aquarius is turning over new plans and ideas, even while he or she is busy at work. Their thoughts never rest. They are inventive in their way of thinking. Quite often the results of their mental endeavors benefit everyone. They are intrigued by things that are new and different. They are not afraid to try out a new work technique or method. They believe in experimentation and change.
Routine work is not apt to hold their interest for very long. Aquarius men and women like unusual tasks, something that gives them a chance to do an assignment on their own. If they are tied down to a humdrum kind of job, they are not likely to be motivated to do their best.
An employer may find Aquarius a bit difficult and unreliable. Without a challenge and facing the same old thing, they are apt to work in spurts and their attention can be easily distracted. If their work is dull, they might begin it with a bang in an attempt to get it out of the way soon as possible. But later their energy is likely to peter out, and they may even allow themselves to become careless.
If co-workers and colleagues are slow and unimaginative, Aquarius is apt to become restless and impatient. When teammates and associates do not make any effort to better themselves, the Aquarius man or woman will become scornful and keep a distance.
Social work is an occupation well suited to Aquarius. Most Water Bearers are more concerned for other people than for themselves. Their self-sacrificing way is reassuring. People under their care or counsel trust Aquarius to do what is best. Water Bearers also do well in rehabilitation work. They like to help people help themselves. Any kind of service work is ideal and often earns Aquarius men and women notable honors.
Aquarius men and women make good writers and journalists. They have sharp, acute minds. They know how to translate their thoughts into the appropriate medium so that other people can benefit from them.
Art and all things related to culture attract the average Aquarius. Some of them make good painters and musicians. They know how to be critical in a constructive way. Often they make good art or music critics.
It is important for Aquarius to put their heart and soul into their creative work if they want to attain the high goals they set. They can do well in any job where they are allowed to make use of their rich imagination. In strict business matters, they may not be able to function very well due to a tendency to dream. Some Aquarius, in spite of their good intentions, only plan during their lives and never get around to putting their ideas into action. Then when things get to be too much for them, they allow their plans to slide.
Money to the average Aquarius is nice to have for what it can do. Money in itself has little interest for them. Aquarius is neither a splurger nor a penny-pincher. They generally make use of their finances in what they feel is a practical way. They may use some of it to make progress for themselves and others easier.
Some Aquarius come by money through their inventions or discoveries. They may work night and day for a long period of time before coming up with the answer or solution of a problem. However, this sort of research or investigatory work generally intrigues them.
Aquarius is the kind of person who will work hard for success, but is more pleased if it comes as a surprise.