Aquarius Man Scorpio Woman

The Scorpio woman can be a whirlwind of passion, perhaps too much passion to suit the impersonal Aquarius man. When her temper flies, you’d better lock up the family heirlooms and take cover. When she chooses to be sweet, you might think it’s a pose. But it isn’t. Scorpio is a creature of moods.
The Scorpio woman can be as hot as a tamale or as cool as a cucumber. But whatever mood she’s in, she’s in it for real. She does not believe in pretense or putting on airs.
The Scorpio woman is often sultry and seductive. Her femme fa-tale charm can pierce through the hardest of hearts like a laser ray. She may not look like Mata Hari (quite often Scorpios resemble the tomboy next door) but once she’s fixed you with her tantalizing eyes, you’re a goner.
Life with the Scorpio woman will not be all smiles and smooth sailing. When prompted she can unleash a gale of venom. Generally, she’ll have the good grace to keep family battles within the walls of your home. When company visits, she’s apt to give the impression that married life with you is one great big joyride. It’s just one of her ways of expressing her loyalty to you, at least in front of others. She may fight you tooth and nail in the confines of your living room, but during an evening out she’ll hang on your arm and have stars in her eyes.
Scorpio women are good at keeping secrets. She may even keep a few buried from you if she feels like it.
Never cross her on even the smallest thing. When it comes to revenge, she’s an eye-for-an-eye woman. She’s not too keen on forgiveness, especially when she feels she’s been wronged unjustly. You’d be well-advised not to give her any cause to be jealous. When the Scorpio woman sees green, your life will be made far from rosy. Once she’s put you in the doghouse, you can be sure you’ll stay there a long time.
You may find life with the Scorpio woman too emotionally draining. She may not be the woman you’d like to spend the rest of your natural life with. You’d prefer someone gentler and not so hot-tempered, someone who can take the highs with the lows and not bellyache, someone who is flexible and understanding. If you’ve got your sights set on a shapely Scorpio, forget about that sweet ideal of your dreams. A woman born under Scorpio can be heavenly, but she can also be the very devil when she chooses.
The Scorpio mother is devoted to developing her youngsters’ talents without putting the children on a pedestal. She is encouraging yet protective. Under her skillful guidance, the children will learn how to cope with life’s adversity. She will teach them to be steadfast and courageous.