Aquarius Man Leo Woman

In the astrological scheme of things, Aquarius and Leo are zodiacal partners as well as zodiacal opposites. You will admire the Leo woman’s differences from you, although they can be maddening at times.
If you can manage a woman who likes to kick up her heels every now and again, then the Leo woman was made for you. You’ll have to learn to put away jealous fears, or at least forget about them. Leo makes heads turn and tongues wag. You don’t necessarily have to believe any of what you hear. It’s most likely just jealous gossip or wishful thinking. Take up with a Leo woman, and you’ll be taking off on a romance full of fire and ice. Be prepared to take the good things with the bad, the bitter with the sweet.
The Leo woman has more than a fair share of grace and glamour. She is aware of her charms and knows how to put them to good use. Needless to say, other women in her vicinity turn green with envy and will try anything in order to put her out of commission.
If she’s captured your heart and fancy, woo her full force if your intention is to eventually win her. Shower her with expensive gifts and promise her the moon—if you’re in a position to go that far. Then you’ll find her resistance beginning to weaken. It’s not that she’s such a difficult cookie. She’ll probably make a big fuss over you once she’s decided you’re the man for her. But she does enjoy a lot of attention. And she feels she’s entitled to it.
Her mild arrogance, though, is becoming. The Leo woman knows now to transform the crime of excessive pride into a very charming misdemeanor. It sweeps most men right off their feet. Those who do not succumb to her leonine charm are few and far between.
If you’ve got an important business deal to clinch and you have doubts as to whether or not it will go over well, bring your Leo lover along to that business luncheon. It’s a cinch the contract will be yours. She won’t have to do or say anything, just be there at your side. The grouchiest oil magnate can be transformed into a gushing, obedient schoolboy if there’s a Leo woman in the room.
If you’re rich and want to stay that way, don’t give your Leo mate a free hand with the charge accounts and credit cards. If you’re poor, the luxury-loving Leo will most likely never enter your life.
The Leo mother is strict yet, like you, easygoing with the children. She wants her youngsters to follow the rules, and she is a patient teacher. She loves to pal around with the kids, proudly showing them off on every occasion. She can be so proud of the children that she sometimes is blind to their faults.