Aquarius Man Aries Woman

The Aries woman is quite a charmer. When she tugs at the strings of your heart, you’ll know it. She’s a woman who’s in search of a knight in shining armor. She is a very particular person with very high ideals. She won’t accept anyone but the man of her dreams.
The Aries woman never plays around with passion. She means business when it comes to love. She is proud and capable of being quite jealous. While you’re with her, never cast your eye in another woman’s direction. It could spell disaster for your relationship. The Aries woman won’t put up with romantic nonsense when her heart is at stake.
Don’t get the idea that she’s a dewy-eyed damsel. She isn’t. In fact, she can be pretty practical and to the point when she wants. She’s a gal with plenty of drive and ambition. With an Aries woman behind you, you can go far in life. She knows how to help her man get ahead. She’s full of wise advice; you only have to ask.
Enterprising and inventive, the Aries woman has a keen business sense. Many of them become successful career women. There is nothing hesitant or retiring about her. She is equipped with a good brain and she knows how to use it.
Your union with her could be something strong, secure, and romantic. If both of you have your sights fixed in the same direction, there is almost nothing that you could not accomplish.
If the Aries woman backs you up in your business affairs, you can be sure of succeeding. However, if she only is interested in advanc-*ng her own career and puts her interests before yours, she can be sure of rocking the boat. It will put a strain on the relationship. The overambitious Aries woman can be a pain in the neck and make you forget you were once in love with her.
The cultivated Aries woman makes a wonderful wife and mother. She has a natural talent for homemaking. With a pot of paint and some wallpaper, she can transform the dreariest domicile into an abode of beauty and snug comfort. The perfect hostess—even when friends just happen by—she knows how to make guests feel at home.
You’ll also admire your Aries because she knows how to stand on her own two feet. Hers is an independent nature. She won’t break down and cry when things go wrong. She’ll pick herself up and try to patch up matters.
The Aries woman is an affectionate mother although she is not keen on burdensome responsibilities. She is skilled at juggling both a career and motherhood, so her kids will never feel that she is an absentee parent. In fact, as the youngsters grow older, they might want some of the liberation that is so important to her—and on which you place great value.