Aquarius Love and Marriage

The archetypal Aquarius man or woman may be more interested in universal love—love for all humanity—than in personal love—love on a one-to-one basis. When he or she does fall in love with someone, it is usually because of some intellectual attraction rather than for some physical or superficial quality the person may have.
Love to Aquarius is serious business. They are faithful and fair. When looking for a mate or partner, they are more interested in the person’s intellectual capacities and emotional depths than in superficial personality characteristics. If a dating partner or lover does not measure up to Aquarius standards, the relationship will be ended then and there—often without any explanation from Aquarius.
Although the average Aquarius becomes deeply involved in affairs of the heart, he or she may occasionally seem cool and distant. They are difficult to understand on the playing field of love. As with other things, Aquarius individuals have particular rules that they feel they must follow.
A lover or mate may have a hard time trying to pin Aquarius down. They won’t allow themselves to be totally possessed. They believe in holding onto their sense of liberty and freedom. They would never make excessive demands of a loved one’s freedom. So they expect the same consideration. In spite of this attitude, Aquarius men and women are generally affectionate and loving.
In love, Aquarius men and women do not always know what they want. They may have a good many love affairs before they decide to settle down. The idea of love may mean more to an Aquarius than the act of loving.
When he or she does marry, Aquarius is faithful and considerate. They enjoy family life, the peace and quiet of home. Their love may waver at times, but it will never stray.