Aquarius Home and Family

Aquarius is generally a very sociable person. He or she feels it is important to have a nice home—one where it is pleasant to entertain friends and associates. Their taste is generally modern, although they do have a respect for old things. They are bound to have all the latest fixtures and appliances in their home. As soon as something becomes out of date or nonfunctional, they are likely to throw it out and get something that is in keeping with the times. Appliances that save on housework are a must for Aquarius homemakers.They have more important things to do than attending to the drudgery of housekeeping.
Although Aquarius are fond of having a lot of company around, they do have moments when they have to be alone. They want peace and quiet so they can think things out without being interrupted. Chances are he or she is a member of many kinds of clubs and organizations. They like people of all kinds. But they also like their privacy to be respected. When they feel that it is necessary to withdraw from the hubbub of the crowd, they do not appreciate people who try to prevent this.
Although Aquarius men and women are serious about raising a family, home life usually does not play a dominating role in their life. They will own up to their responsibilities, but they do not want to have duties constantly shoved under their noses. In other words, they do not want to feel tied down and constrained. Aquarius needs love and affection, as everyone does, but he or she needs to be independent too. At times, home and family may conflict with the need for independence.
With children, Aquarius is likely to get along very well. He or she does not treat youngsters as inferiors, but regards them as little people. Aquarius men and women know how to talk and reason with a child just as they would someone their own age. Children, in turn, generally respect Aquarius for treating them as individuals. Aquarius would never dream of oppressing children. On the contrary, children are encouraged to develop their natural talents and to express their own personalities.
Aquarius at times prefers the direct and honest company of children over that of so-called adults. Aquarius men and women know how to keep children entertained with stories and games. In spite of an ability to be permissive, the average Aquarius makes it clear to the child that they will tolerate no nonsense. Children, understanding this, never misbehave while in the company of an Aquarius adult.