Aquarius Health

On the whole, people born under the sign of Aquarius are good to look at. They may be slight of build, yet they are strong in a wiry sort of way. They have a strong resistance against illnesses, generally. They are healthy, for the most part, and know how to take care of themselves. They are usually interested in hygiene and safety. They take all sorts of precautions so that disease never has a chance to strike them. Physically they have little to worry about. Their constitutions are strong and healthy.
Tensions and pressure, however, can cause them to become depressed, and this often has a bad effect on their overall health. But this is generally rare, for Aquarius men and women have the ability to remove themselves from things that are disturbing. They can look at anything in an objective way so that it does not really affect their spiritual balance.
It is important for Aquarius to oppose anyone who tries to dominate or drive them into a corner. They cannot allow someone to encroach upon their freedom. The strain of someone bearing down on them can have a bad influence on their well-being.
At times, disturbing conditions in the environment can make Aquarius so uptight that they are prone to nervousness. Aquarius men and women must see to it that have get the proper amount of vitamins and minerals to help counteract nervousness and anxiety. They should follow a well-balanced diet containing plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. It is not unusual for many Aquarius to become strict vegetarians later in life.
These men and women also need peace and quiet alone a lot of the time. Being an air sign, they must have plenty of fresh air. A country place where they can retreat when the going gets rough would be ideal. Harmonious surroundings are a must.
Still and all, Aquarius men and women will not back away when someone criticizes their ideals. They will stand up for what they believe. Their objective and forthright manner will protect them from injury on many occasions.
State of mind is vital to Aquarius health. They can train themselves in mind control to some extent. So when they encounter a disturbance or setback, it does not affect them too much.
The weak parts of the Aquarius body are the ankles and calves. If there is an accident or mishap, often these areas are affected. Nervous and circulatory disorders sometimes are chronic. The Aquarius who is not careful may become the victim of low blood pressure and anemia. By taking the proper vitamins and eating the proper food, Aquarius can prevent these ailments.