Aquarius Character Analysis

Of all the signs of the Zodiac, Aquarius is perhaps the most progressive. People born under this sign are usually quite tolerant and broad-minded. As a rule they are unselfish and peace-loving. They are often more interested in helping others than they are in helping themselves.
This eleventh sign of the Zodiac is often known as the Water Bearer, which is the symbol for Aquarius. Aquarius pours the water of life and intelligence for humanity to drink. Aquarius thinks of humanity on a very broad scale and is interested in justice for all. All the wrongs that exist in the world appall these men and women. They may spend a lifetime trying to set things right in their own way.
Aquarius does not believe in hanging onto old, useless values. By definition the Water Bearer is for progress, for moving ahead and making a better world. It is important that peace and harmony exist in all social situations. Aquarius will accept nothing less than that.
Anything connected with the betterment of mankind interests Aquarius individuals. They are likely to have a useful hobby. In short, they have a purpose in mind. General education methods and sociology are very appealing to the Water Bearer. They do not believe that mankind should be divided into rich and poor. They feel that everyone should be entitled to the same privileges regardless of background.
More often than not, Aquarius individuals have an intellectual nature. They usually know a lot about many things and they are sure of what they know. There is nothing superficial about them. They are eager to impart what they know.
To them, it is more important to have a good mind than a full stomach. Aquarius probably feels that people will eat out of necessity, but that their mind must be properly trained in order to enjoy all that life has to offer. Aquarius holds that the world would be a better place if all people were intellectually responsible.
Aquarius men and women are years ahead of time in way of thinking. Others often find it hard to keep up with them. They are not afraid of change; on the contrary, they welcome it. New ways of living are always of interest.
The person born under this eleventh sign of the Zodiac is eager to develop along creative lines, to generate new forms of organization or thought. Even in love matters, they tend to be creative. To some they may seem slightly mad, to others they appear to have a touch of genius.
Aquarius is interested in groups—how they are structured, their behavioral patterns, and so on. They enjoy bringing people together. They want to see everyone living in peace and harmony. The individual is not the central focus for them. They think in terms of masses of people as the focal point for change.
Aquarius is a master of surprise and unpredictability. He or she always keeps other people guessing. At times, Aquarius individuals do not even know themselves what their next step in life will be.
They sometimes seem detached, impersonal, disengaged. They may be accused of sizing up everyone around them and making mental notes. But Aquarius men and women really believe in a live-and-let-live approach as an all-around way of getting on in the world.
Aquarius men and women would never try to dominate another person. They respect people for their individuality. They believe in letting people express themselves as they wish. They do not feel they have the right to direct another’s lifestyle.
People find it hard to classify or categorize Aquarius. He or she seems so full of contradictions that it’s difficult to say with certainty they are one thing or the other.
Aquarius men and women usually have their own set of laws to live by. Conventional rules and regulations, they feel, need not apply to them. They have their own rights and wrongs. To the average person Aquarius may seem downright unconventional, trying to gain attention by shock tactics of any kind. But this is far from the truth.
Aquarius men and women do not believe in poses. They believe in what they do and accomplish. The customs and dress of the average person say little to Aquarius. They may find it necessary to develop their own way of behaving and dressing in order to express their real nature. Every Aquarius is an individualist. Original modes of behavior and thinking are the lifeline of their survival.
Their minds are always generating interesting ideas and plans. Because Aquarius men and women are often so busy turning things over in their heads, they are apt to seem dreamy and out of it. At times, Aquarius set their hopes and expectations so high that they have to suffer the consequences of being unrealistic.