About the Sun

The Sun: the self

Think of the beach, of blue sky, of sunlight shining on white sand. The Sun is the essence and the energy of life, the manifestation of will, power, and desire. It represents the self, individuality, the yang, or masculine principle, and it gives us the confidence to meet our challenges and progress in life. The Sun represents a person’s creative capacity and the general state of a person’s health.
The Sun encompasses the principle of fatherhood in a chart and symbolizes both a person’s biological father and, for women, their husband. As the natural ruler of the fifth house, it rules children in general and the first-born in particular.
Given that the Sun also symbolizes authority and power, it is well-situated to confer leadership abilities. A Sun that has unfavorable aspects or is weakly situated diminishes natural vitality and can make it difficult for a person to act on their instincts and their most basic desires.
The Sun spends about a month in each sign, which means that it has a velocity of 59′ 8″ per day. It rules professions that have to do with power and authority, like the holders of religious offices, spiritual leaders, and royalty. It is the natural ruler of the fifth house and rules Leo. It rules the heart, the back, and the spine.

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