About the Moon

The Moon: emotions

The inner self. Intuition. The feminine. The mother. The yin principle.
Along with the Sun and the ascendant, the Moon is the one of the most important parts of any chart. It describes our emotional reactions to situations, how our emotions flow through us, how they move us to action, or how they block and limit us.
The Moon symbolizes the mother of the person whose chart is being read and the relationship between mother and child. In a man’s chart, the Moon represents his wife: in a woman’s chart, it represents pregnancy, birth, and intuition.
Symbolically, the Moon represents our capacity to become part of everything, rather than our attempt to dominate reality’s constituent parts.
The Moon asks us to become what we want to be. Since is the Earth’s satellite, it moves faster than any other planet, moving through the Zodiac in less than twenty-eight days.
The Moon rules activities and professions connected with children and the sea. It is the natural ruler of the fourth house and rules Cancer.
The stomach, the breasts, the mammary glands, the womb, conception, and bodily fluids in general are ruled by the Moon.