About Scorpio

The central thread of the Scorpio character is the struggle to release intense personal energy. Scorpios have the capacity to use personal energy either creatively or destructively, and sometimes self-destructively. No other sign of the Zodiac has the potential to change things for good or evil. Perhaps that is why Scorpio is denoted variously by three astrological symbols—the Scorpion, the Serpent, and the Eagle.
Like the stinging Scorpion, Scorpio individuals can be defensive in their reactions and devious in their motives. But the Scorpio man or woman can be as wise as the Serpent, and extremely successful in everyday life. And, like the Eagle, Scorpio can soar to exalted heights of service to humanity.
The Scorpion side of the mysterious and fascinating Scorpio individual naturally attracts the most attention, even notoriety. Such a reputation is certainly irritating to the very intelligent and reflective person born under the eighth sign of the Zodiac.
People born under the sign of Scorpio are usually gifted with a very strong personality. Of all the signs, they are perhaps the most goal-directed and relentless. Often they are quite dominating.
Some people find Scorpio hard to like or appreciate. But Scorpios are not afraid of being disliked. They just do not want to be ignored. They know what they want, generally speaking, and do not give up the struggle until they have it. They can be quite belligerent in stating their views. They aren’t afraid of conflict or disapproval.
Scorpios have their own way of doing things—their own laws to follow. As long as they are true to themselves, they are happy. Scorpio seldom dances to someone else’s tune. The Scorpio is a person who perseveres. It may take some time before they achieve their ends, but they’ll wait. He or she pushes ahead, ignoring the setbacks, the disappointments.
Many people find it difficult to understand the personality of the person born under the sign of Scorpio. It is a subtle combination of intelligence and ruthlessness. Quite often people of this sign are seized by profound and revealing thoughts that are too complex to express. At such moments, the Scorpio is likely to draw within himself and remain silent.
Scorpios may spend such quiet moments within their own private world—a realm with its own rules and regulations. Scorpio is intrigued by the mysteries of life. He or she has an irrepressible desire to discover the truth. Some Scorpios have a deep almost intuitive understanding of life and death.
Scorpios tend to be consistent in all that they do. They never do things halfway. They are not afraid of conflict situations or emergencies. Under duress they can be relied upon to handle things in a calm manner. Scorpios are very constructive and positive in the way they channel their forces. They guard against waste and feel committed to make every gesture, every action, count.
In spite of a good sense of purpose and direction, Scorpio is sometimes the victim of conflicting moods. He may contradict himself several times a day without feeling that he is being untrue to himself and his beliefs. He or she believes that every moment has its own truth. They feel their moods strongly and believe that it is necessary to obey them in order to remain fixed. Scorpio is an organizer. He or she likes to have things their own way or not at all. On the whole, Scorpio is what you would call a principled person. They holds fast to their ideals.
The Scorpio understanding of life is sometimes remarkable. They are not short on insight and often can analyze a human situation accurately long before others. Their knowledge of things in general is often superior to that of others. In spite of their intelligence, they do not take the easy way toward a goal. They seem to have a penchant for argumentation. In some instances, Scorpio seems to bring about quarrels just for the enjoyment derived from crossing swords.
The Scorpio’s ability to fly into a rage is considerable. People sometimes wind up disliking them intensely after having witnessed a fit of their temper. This does not bother Scorpio. If they lose a friend or two along the road of life, they are not apt to let it upset them. They keep moving on—the ultimate goal always in sight.
Scorpios do not believe in using fancy or complicated language. They go right to the point—not really caring how blunt they may sound to sensitive ears. Power—and how to get it—is what is most important to Scorpio. They do not try to hide this fact.
In spite of being being straight-off-the-shoulder in most of their dealings, the Scorpio man or woman is capable of holding back a fact or two—especially if it is to his or her advantage.

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