About Mercury

Mercury: Intelligence. Mental quickness. Verbal acuity. Communication

Our mental image of the world. Mercury is the messenger, and it speaks in terms of logic and reason. The left hemisphere of the brain is its vehicle. Mercury represents how we think and how we communicate our thoughts.
Mercury also has to do with everyday journeys: commutes, trips through the city, weekend getaways, or visits to family or to neighbors. It does not deal with long-distance travel.
Uneasiness is inherent to this planet because it desires movement and novelty, and the sort of optimism that is associated only with places that have yet to be explored.
Often, Mercury tries something new before it has completely assimilated what it now considers old. On a higher level, Mercury seeks to understand the deep connections that exist between the physical universe and the divine.
Mercury orbits the sun every eighty-eight days. It turns retrograde every few months, during which time communications and planets associated with travel are disrupted.
Your computer may turn off for no reason, or a lightning strike may knock out your power. You might wait in an airport for hours in order to board a plane, only to have your flight cancelled. It is best not to sign contracts when Mercury is in retrograde.
Mercury rules professions related to writing, teaching, public speaking, and books.
Mercury is the natural ruler of the third and sixth houses. It rules Gemini and Virgo. It rules the arms, the hands, the shoulders, the lungs, the solar plexus, the abdomen, the intestines, the thymus gland, and the nervous and circulatory systems.