Tiger 2013

With his energy, personality and ideas, the Tiger will have been able to make a lot happen during the Dragon year year (23 January 2012 – 9 February 2013) and will have seen some interesting developments in many areas of his life. The closing months of the year will continue to be busy with the Tiger generally faring well.
Relations with others are particularly favourably aspected and many Tigers will find themselves in increasing demand as the year draws to a close. There could be domestic arrangements to make, relations to meet up with and parties and other social events to go to. For the unattached, affairs of the heart can add some excitement to this time. December and January can be particularly active and special months.
Many Tigers wrill have seen significant changes in their work over the year and the closing months will give them the chance to familiarize themselves with their new role.
For those seeking work or hoping to move elsewhere, this is a time to keep alert for openings and to act quickly when anything arises that interests them.
With his generally active lifestyle, the Tiger will also need to keep a close watch on his spending at this time. Particularly when socializing or shopping, he could find he has spent far more than anticipated. In order to go ahead with certain plans, some advance budgeting could be help­ful. Also, with many Tigers having the chance to travel towards the end of the year, setting funds aside for this will allow them to enjoy their time away all the more.
The Dragon year can certainly be a full and eventful one for the Tiger and by seizing his opportunities, he can gain a lot from it. And on a personal level his own year can give rise to some splendid occasions.
The Year of the Snake begins on 10 February and will give the Tiger an excellent chance to make headway. It is a year favouring development and progress and the Tiger can enjoy some fine personal achievements.
At work the Tiger will often find himself encouraged to make more of particular strengths and skills. Sometimes he will be given more specialist work or new objectives to concentrate on as well as have the chance of additional training. Although some of what is asked of him can bring increased pressure, by taking advantage of what is offered the Tiger can not only make good headway but also open up other possibilities for the longer term. For many Tigers this is a year when they will reach another stage in their career, with their previous commitment being both recog­nized and rewarded.
Most Tigers will have chances to progress with their present employer and will benefit from their in-house knowledge and proven skills, but for those who feel oppor­tunities are limited where they are or are seeking work, the Snake year again holds interesting prospects. To benefit fully these Tigers should consider other ways in which they can use their skills. With some innovative thinking (and the Tiger does have many fine ideas) as well as consul­tation with employment agencies and other contacts, they could identify new areas which particularly appeal to them. Also, when making applications, if they find out about the responsibilities involved and stress what they can bring to the position, they can do much to strengthen their chances. The Snake year can bring fresh possibilities for the Tiger and it rests with him to act quickly and effectively.

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