The Zodiac Signs and Their Key Words

How can we describe the signs of the zodiac with a few words

Aries self courage,
pioneer instinct
brash rudeness, selfish, impetuosity
Taurus money endurance,
loyalty, wealth
obstinacy, gluttony
Gemini mind versatility capriciousness, unreliability
Cancer family sympathy,
homing instinct
clannishness, childishness
Leo Children love, authority, integrity egotism, force
Virgo work purity, industry,analysis faultfinding, cynicism
Libra marriage harmony, justice vacillation, superficiality
Scorpio sex survival, regeneration vengeance, discord
Sagittarius travel optimism, higher learning lawlessness
Capricorn career depth narrowness, gloom
Aquarius friends human fellowship, genius perverse unpredictability
Pisces confinement spiritual love, universality diffusion, escapism

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