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Eva Peron was Taurus

Fred Astaire, Charlotte Bronte, Carol Burnett, Irving Berlin, Bing Crosby, Salvador Dali, Tchaikovsky, Queen Elizabeth II, Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald, Henry Fonda, Sigmund Freud, Orson Welles, Joe Louis, Lenin, Karl Marx, Golda Meir, Eva Peron, Bertrand Russell, Shakespeare, Kate Smith, Benjamin Spock, Barbra Streisand, Shirley Temple, Harry Truman

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The negative side of Taurus

Sometimes the Taurus man or woman is a bit too stubborn. He won’t listen to other points of view if his mind is set on something.
To others, this can be quite annoying. Taurus also does not like to be told what to do. He becomes rather angry if others think him not too bright. He does not like to be told he is wrong, even when he is. He dislikes being contradicted.
Some people who are born under this sign are very suspicious of others—even of those persons close to them. They find it difficult to trust people fully. They are often afraid of being deceived or taken advantage of.
The Bull often finds it difficult to forget or forgive. His love of material things sometimes makes him rather avaricious and petty.

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The positive side of Taurus

The Taurus person is known for his ability to concentrate and for his tenacity. These are perhaps his strongest qualities. The Taurus man or woman generally has very little trouble in getting along with others; it’s his nature to be helpful toward people in need. He can always be depended on by his friends, especially those in trouble.
Taurus generally achieves what he wants through his ability to persevere. He never leaves anything unfinished but works on something until it has been completed. People can usually take him at his word; he is honest and forthright in most of his dealings. The Taurus person has a good chance to make a success of his life because of his many positive qualities. The Taurus who aims high seldom falls short of his mark. He learns well by experience. He is thorough and does not believe in shortcuts of any kind. The Bull’s thoroughness pays off in the end, for through his deliberateness he learns how to rely on himself and what he has learned. The Taurus person tries to get along with others, as a rule.
He is not overly critical and likes people to be themselves. He is a tolerant person and enjoys peace and harmony—especially in his home life.
Taurus is usually cautious in all that he does. He is not a person who believes in taking unnecessary risks. Before adopting any one line of action, he will weigh all of the pros and cons. The Taurus person is steadfast. Once his mind is made up it seldom changes. The person born under this sign usually is a good family person— reliable and loving.

Taurus Man Pisces Woman

The Pisces woman places great value on love and romance. She’s gentle, kind, and romantic. Perhaps she’s that girl you’ve been dreaming about all these years. Like you, she has very high ideals; she will only give her heart to a man who she feels can live up to her expectations.
Many a man dreams of an alluring Pisces woman. You are no exception. She’s soft and cuddly and very domestic. She’ll let you be the brains of the family; she’s contented to play a behind-the-scenes role in order to help you achieve your goals. The illusion that you are the master of the household is the kind of magic that the Pisces woman is adept at creating.
She can be very ladylike and proper. Your business associates and friends will be dazzled by her warmth and femininity. Although she’s a charmer, there is a lot more to her than just a pretty exterior. There is a brain ticking away behind that soft, womanly facade. You may never become aware of it—that is, until you’re married to her. It’s no cause for alarm, however, she’ll most likely never use it against you, only to help you and possibly set you on a more sucess-ful path.
If she feels you’re botching up your married life through careless behavior or if she feels you could be earning more money than you do, she’ll tell you about it. But any wife would really. She will never try to usurp your position as head and breadwinner of the family.
No one had better dare say one uncomplimentary word about you in her presence. It’s likely to cause her to break into tears. Pisces women are usually very sensitive beings. Their reaction to adversity, frustration, or anger is just a plain, good, old-fashioned cry. They can weep buckets when inclined.
She can do wonders with a house. She is very fond of dramatic and beautiful things. There will always be plenty of fresh-cut flowers around the house. She will choose charming artwork and antiques, if they are affordable. She’ll see to it that the house is decorated in a dazzling yet welcoming style.
She’ll have an extra special dinner prepared for you when you come home from an important business meeting. Don’t dwell on the boring details of the meeting, though. But if you need that grand vision, the big idea, to seal a contract or make a conquest, your Pisces woman is sure to confide a secret that will guarantee your success. She is canny and shrewd with money, and once you are on her wavelength you can manage the intricacies on your own.
If you are patient and kind, you can keep a Pisces woman happy for a lifetime. She, however, is not without her faults. Her sensitivity may get on your nerves after a while. You may find her lacking in practicality and good old-fashioned stoicism. You may even feel that she uses her tears as a method of getting her own way.
Treat her with tenderness, and your relationship will be an enjoyable one. Pisces women are generally fond of sweets, so keep her in chocolates (and flowers, of course) and you’ll have a very happy wife. Never forget birthdays, anniversaries, and the like. These are important occasions for her. If you ever let such a thing slip your mind, you can be sure of sending her off in a huff.
Your Taurus talent for patience and gentleness can pay off in your relationship with a Pisces woman. Chances are she’ll never make you sorry that you placed that band of gold on her finger.
There is usually a strong bond between a Pisces mother and her children. She’ll try to give them things she never had as a child and is apt to spoil them as a result. She can deny herself in order to fill their needs. But the Pisces mother will teach her youngsters the value of service to the community while not letting them lose their individuality.

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Taurus Man Aquarius Woman

The woman born under the sign of the Water Bearer can be odd and eccentric at times. Some say that this is the source of her mysterious charm. You may think she’s nutty, and you may be fifty percent right. Aquarius women have their heads full of dreams, and stars in their eyes. By nature, they are often unconventional and have their own ideas about how the world should be run. Sometimes their ideas may seem pretty weird, but more likely than not they are just a little too progressive for their time. There’s a saying that runs: the way Aquarius thinks, so will the world in fifty years.
If you find yourself falling in love with an Aquarius, you’d better fasten your safety belt. It may take some time before you really know what she’s like and even then you may have nothing more to go on but a string of vague hunches. She can be like a rainbow, full of dazzling colors. She’s like no other girl you’ve ever known. There’s something about her that is definitely charming, yet elusive; you’ll never be able to put your finger on it. She seems to radiate adventure and magic without even half trying. She’ll most likely be the most tolerant and open-minded woman you’ve ever encountered.
If you find that she’s too much mystery and charm for you to handle—and being a Taurus, chances are you might—just talk it out with her and say that you think it would be better if you called it quits. She’ll most likely give you a peck on the cheek and say you’re one hundred percent right but still there’s no reason why you can’t remain friends. Aquarius women are like that. And perhaps you’ll both find it easier to get along in a friendship than in a romance.
It is not difficult for her to remain buddy-buddy with someone she has just broken off with. For many Aquarius, the line between friendship and romance is a fuzzy one.
She’s not a jealous person and, while you’re romancing her, she’ll expect you not to be, either. You’ll find her a free spirit most of the time. Just when you think you know her inside out, you’ll discover that you don’t really know her at all. She’s a very sympathetic and warm person. She can be helpful to people in need of assistance and advice.
She’s a chameleon and can fit in anywhere. She’ll seldom be suspicious even when she has every right to be. If the man she loves slips and allows himself a little fling, chances are she’ll just turn her head the other way and pretend not to notice that the gleam in his eye is not meant for her.
The Aquarius mother is generous and seldom refuses her children anything. You may feel the youngsters need a bit more discipline and practicality. But you will appreciate the Aquarius mother’s wordly views, which prepare the youngsters to get along in life. Her open-minded attitude is easily transmitted to the children. They will grow up to be respectful and tolerant.

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taurus man aquarius woman