Rabbit 2014

Couple and Affective Bonds

The energy of the Horse will help Rabbits manage their feelings in a more detached way; so they will be able to solve some mixed-up couple issues. Some inevitable crises will provide a great opportunity to redesign common roles and objectives, in view of a more harmonic and happier future.
2014 will be an ideal year to set some delayed family issues to right as well as to constructively rethink about the way of interacting with other people. This general revision will lead to great benefits because Rabbits will feel how healthy it is to be clear when setting interpersonal limits.


This year will be very dynamic and favorable for Rabbit people. The influence of the Horse will get them started in leading teams and projects. With intuition and tact, Rabbits will walk into new professional paths that will lead them to success. They will make the most of past mistakes and will be more attentive and cautious before closing a deal. Their public speaking skills and sharpness will help powerful people solve difficult problems; in change, they will receive acknowledgment that will add to their capital. With charisma and modesty, Rabbits will have to gain the trust of people that may feel threatened by their splendor. They will introduce family members in the trade, and gradually enlarge their network of contributors.


In China, Rabbits are a symbol of long life; and despite their hypersensitivity to stimuli, they have a strong capacity for recovery. This sign’s nervous system is easily affected by noise, pollution, sharp temperature changes, and intense lights. Stomach disorders caused by stress are usual. Although being nervous and introverted, Rabbits lead a harmonic social and family life that has a healing effect in their psyches. Systematic doubting is the great challenge that has to be controlled; Rabbits must trust more in their own intuition and in divine protection.

Quality of Life

The year will be very dynamic and intense for Rabbits; during this time, they must keep their Yang energy high and activate it constantly by means of a cheerful and relaxed environment, where their Qi can be renewed and nurtured. A period begins when they will be able to learn from past mistakes, break up vicious circles, and face repeated situations armed with better personal resources. Chimes, singing bowls, and citrus scents will give their home the ambience needed to increase well-being and control stress. The main challenge will be keeping Rabbits’ internal integrity so as to face a powerful and unavoidable public exposure.

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