Horoscope Leo March 2014

The element of Water became very strong on February 18 and this situation continues until the 20th of this month. People are more sensitive now. So be more aware and avoid even the appearance of insensitivity. People will react (perhaps overly so) to little things, to voice tones, body language and facial expressions. There’s no need to judge them – it’s just the astrological weather.
Mercury, your financial planet, has been in your 8th house since February 5 and will be there the entire month of March. This shows a need to focus on the financial inter­ests of other people. Their interests need to be taken into account in all business dealings – in fact they should come ahead of your own interests. As you succeed in prospering others, your own prosperity comes to you very naturally. Mercury went retrograde on the 23rd of last month and will be that way until March 17. This is a time for reviewing finances, not for making important moves. The object now is to attain mental clarity on your finances, and when this happens you will be in a better position to make moves after the 17th. Your financial intuition is basically good now, but until the 17th it needs more verification. The problem is not with this intuition but with the spin that you might be putting on it. Your spouse, partner or current love entered a yearly financial peak on February 19 and it continues until the 20th of this month. He or she should be more generous with you these days. This is a good month for detoxing on all levels – refer to our discussion of this last month.
Health is good all month. You have plenty of energy, plenty of vitality, plenty of zest to achieve all your goals. On the 20th the energy levels increase even further. This is a very successful period.
The planetary momentum is still very much forward. The Sun will move into Aries on the 20th and this is excellent ‘starting’ energy. So, if you have new products or projects this is a good month to launch them. The 20th to the 27th is the best time for this in the month ahead.
Your 9th house becomes very strong after the 20th. Thus the focus is on religion, philosophy and higher education. Foreign lands call to you and a foreign trip is very likely now. Students have success in their studies. When the 9th house is powerful, people will often prefer a theological discussion or the lecture of a visiting guru to a night out on the town. Mental and spiritual pleasures are more important than physical ones.
You had a yearly social peak from January 20 to February 18. But on the 20th, as many planets start to travel with Uranus, you have another yearly social peak. The love life becomes very active and good. Singles have an important romantic meeting between the 26th and the 30th.

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Horoscope Leo February 2014

The planetary momentum is still overwhelmingly forward this month, and progress to your goals (and in the world at large) is swift. This is another good month to launch new products or projects. This month I like the 10th to the 18th the best, but the 18th to the 25th is pretty reasonable too – a solid second choice.
You are still very much in a yearly social peak until the 18th. Romance is in the air. While marriage is not likely, there are marriage opportunities happening. You meet people who are ‘marriage material’. Singles have many types to choose from – athletic and military types, intellectuals, the rich and the powerful. Each has their particular allure. Your personal popularity is very strong these days. You seem very devoted to others; you are putting other people first (which is exactly what you should be doing now) and people respond to this.
The Western, social sector of your chart is still strong all month. Being in power is good, but being out of power also has its good points. This is a time to flow with life, to allow a higher power to take charge. Many of the problems in life come precisely because a human, very limited mind has been in charge, interfering with the perfect plan that wants to manifest itself. Now that the limited human self is less in charge, the higher plan can be revealed.
Health still needs watching until the 18th. Keep in mind our discussion of this last month. After the 18th health and energy improve dramatically. If there have been health problems, you hear good news on that score. Detox regimes are good all year, but especially after the 19th – your 8th house of transformation becomes powerful then. But detox should be carried further than the physical body. It should apply to the mind, the emotions and the financial life. The mind gets clogged with effete material (error and false infor­mation) and needs a good cleaning, and so do the emotions. In many cases there are habitual, knee jerk responses that perhaps were once good and useful, but are not any more. We tend to collect possessions that we don’t need or use, and these things clog up the works and prevent proper func­tioning. This is a good month for a comprehensive clear out.
Love is still good all month. The social life is less active after the 18th but love is still good. The month ahead is a sexually active kind of month, and for Leo this is wonderful.
Venus makes fabulous aspects to the Sun on the 6th and 7th and this brings career success and career opportunity.
Avoid speculations from the 8th to the 10th and from the 24th to the 26th. The dream life is also highly active on the 6th and 7th. Important spiritual information comes to you. There could also be a meeting with some sort of guru.

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Horoscope Leo January 2014

You begin your year with 80 and sometimes 90 per cent of the planets in the Western, social sector of your chart. In fact they are at their maximum Westerly point right now. You are in a strong social period. Your destiny seems in the hands of other people, which is a difficult position for a regal Leo to be in. Your personal gifts seem to matter little. It is likeability that matters now, in almost every area of life. Leos like to have their way and are used to having their way – but your way might not be the best way this period. Personal inde­pendence is not strong right now. This is a time to cultivate the social skills, to attain your ends by consensus and to adapt to situations as best you can. The King is far from his throne, in exile in a strange territory. He can’t convey the full force of his will and personality. This is a temporary situ­ation and will change in a few months. Right now adapt to things as best you can. Make a note of conditions that need to be changed, and when your period of personal indepen­dence comes you will be able to make those changes.
On the 19th you enter a yearly love and social peak. The love life is both active and good. The main problem in love – and you will have this all year – is getting the family to accept the beloved and vice versa. There seems to be a lot of tension there.
Other things happen on the 19th as well. The planetary power shifts from the lower half of the Horoscope to the upper half. Thus dawn is breaking in your year. It is time to start focusing on your outer worldly objectives and to pursue them in physical and tangible ways. Your career planet will spend the month in your 7th house, thus others are very important in the career. Advancement depends on them. This also indicates that you further the career by social means, by attending or hosting the right kinds of parties and by developing the right social connections.
Health is more delicate after the 19th. As always the main preventive measure is to rest and relax more, to maintain high energy levels. Though you tend to be a speculator, money is earned the old-fashioned way through hard work until the 19th. This is not the chart of the lottery winner. However, Lady Luck returns to you from the 22nd to the 24th. There is a nice payday or some good financial opportunity. The 25th to the 27th also seems fortunate in that department.
The planetary momentum is strongly forward this month: 90 per cent of the planets are moving forward until the 30th and after that ALL the planets are moving forward. Thus it is an excellent time to launch new products or ventures into the world. The 11th to the 27th is especially good.

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Horoscope Leo 2014

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Horoscope Cancer December 2014

A very active and very hectic kind of month; a lot of change. There is a Grand Square in the heavens after the 8th and this will get even stronger after the 21st. Health is more delicate this month, and especially after the 21st. Rest and relax more. Pace yourself. Focus on the really important things in life and let go of the trivia. Often this makes for tough deci­sions. You can’t be everywhere; you can’t do everything, even though the demands on you are greater than usual. Focus on the really important.
Health and work are the dominant interests until the 21st. This is a time to achieve all your work goals. You are in the mood for work now and this gives extra energy. After the 21st you enter a yearly social peak. Romance has basi­cally been good since July and now it gets even better. Singles are dating more than usual, and those in couples are having more romance within their present relationships.
Your career planet, Mars, moves into your 4th house of home and family on the 8th. This indicates that your mission these days is your family. Your purpose is them – they are your career. But it also indicates more work from home; following the career path from the home. This is just a temporary condition that will last for about a month. On the 21st, the planetary power shifts from the lower half to the upper half of your Horoscope, which means it is time to start paying more attention to the career and outer goals. By now, you will have found your point of emotional harmony (and if not you will find it in the coming month). Now it is time to translate this harmony into outer success.
The home needs to be made safer during this period, especially from the 23rd onwards. Keep sharp objects, matches or other dangerous objects out of the reach of chil­dren. This is always a good practice, but especially now. Parents or parent figures need to be more careful driving and should avoid risky kinds of activities. And you and children or children figures in your life should drive more carefully from the 29th to the 31st.
Until the 21st, money comes the old-fashioned way through work. You seem like a big spender until the 21st. After that date your financial judgement becomes more sound, more practical. The social circle – friends, spouse or current love – also play a huge role in the finances now. Perhaps you are spending more on the spouse as well.

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Horoscope Cancer November 2014

As far as eclipses go, the Solar Eclipse of the 3rd is relatively benign to you. It occurs in your 5th house of children, so there are dramatic, life-changing kinds of events in the lives of children and children figures in your life. Their lives have been turbulent all year, but now even more so. Do your best to keep them out of harm’s way this period. Speculations are best avoided during this eclipse period as well. You are basically fortunate in speculations these days, but not at this time. Like every Solar Eclipse, there are dramatic financial changes going on. Whatever didn’t get changed by the last Lunar Eclipse will get changed and adjusted now.
This eclipse impacts on Saturn, the love planet. So love is being tested. The love life is still very good, but impurities in it – things that have been swept under the rug or ignored -now surface for cleansing. The beloved can be more tempera­mental so be more patient. These eclipses show us the ‘dark side’ of the beloved, which we don’t want to see. It’s another way that love gets tested. The eclipse will probably take your present relationship to the next level. Marriages often happen when the love planet is eclipsed – it indicates a change in the marital status. Those who are married can divorce, singles can marry.
Until the 22nd you are still in one of your yearly personal pleasure peaks. True you are working, but you also manage to play. After the 22nd you enter a work period, a more seri­ous period. Fun, games and recreation are wonderful, but they are not the be all and end all of life. Recreation enables us to be better workers, more productive in our chosen line of work. In general this would be a good period for job seek­ers, but your work planet Jupiter goes retrograde on the 7th. Job opportunities might not be all that they are made out to be: study things more carefully. Health regimes (especially new ones) also need more study and homework. This is a good period for doing all those boring but necessary tasks in life – your accounting, bookkeeping, filing and organizing. Health is good this month.
Finances are also good all month. The opportunity for a business partnership or joint venture comes between the 4th and the 7th. Social connections, your spouse or current love, are very supportive during that period. A nice payday and perhaps a job assignment comes from the 12th to the 14th. Speculations are favourable that period as well. From the 22nd to the 25th analyse all financial opportunities more carefully. The Sun is in adverse aspect with Neptune, which means that there are behind-the-scenes dealings that need to be understood.

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Horoscope Cancer September 2014

The planetary power is now at its maximum lowest point in the Horoscope this month – Cancerian paradise! Career goals have more or less been achieved and now you can focus on your true love, the home and family. This situation will not exist for ever; the planets will shift again in a few months, so enjoy the period while it lasts. A career break now will be the pause that refreshes, allowing you to gather your forces for the next career push in a few months’ time. This is the midnight hour of your year. The body is still – outer activi­ties are more or less in abeyance – but inwardly mighty processes are happening. And it is precisely these processes that enable the body to function when it is time to wake up. The planetary power makes another important shift on the 22nd. The Western, social sector of the chart once again predominates. Your period of personal independence is about over with and now it is more difficult to have things your own way. Indeed, your way is probably not the best way these days. Getting things done by consensus and social skills is the pathway now. It is more difficult now (possible, but difficult) to create conditions as you want them to be, so it’s best to adapt to existing conditions. Hopefully you’ve used the past five months to create things as you desire. Now you get to road test your creation.
The home and family are now the centre of life. There is more socializing at home and with family members and more entertaining from home. Even the love life is more or less centred round the home. Venus, your family planet, starts to travel with your love planet after the 11th. Love opportunities occur close to home and through family members and family connections.
Finances are good this month. Until the 3rd buying, sell­ing, trading or retailing seem important. Sales and marketing – getting the word out about your product or service – seems important. After the 22nd, as your financial planet moves into the 4th house of home and family, it is family connec­tions that bring financial opportunity. Most likely you are working more from home as well. Job seekers have had wonderful aspects since June 27. Job opportunities are seek­ing you out rather than the reverse, and there is nothing much you need to do to find work – it will find you. Health is more delicate after the 22nd so be sure to rest and relax more.

Horoscope & Astrology

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Horoscope Cancer August 2014

The yearly financial peak that began last month gets even stronger this month, as more of the short-term planets join the Sun in your 2nd money house. The money is rolling in from many different sources. The heavenly gates of abun­dance have opened and it is pouring down on you – a most marvellous experience.
We still have a rare Grand Trine in Water, your native element. This tends to emotional harmony as people become more sensitive. It is also very comfortable for you.
Career opportunities are seeking you out, rather than vice versa. You are a ‘hot commodity’ now. You are not too focused on your career, yet it is still going well. (This proves the adage that too much personal interference can actually ruin a good thing. Sometimes it is best to allow the good to happen rather than trying to force it.) In terms of creating your personal conditions of happiness it would be right to take the initiative – but in career matters just now, it is not.
Foreign travel is still likely this month, but keep in mind that your travel planet Neptune is retrograde, so allow more time for getting to and from your destination. Students are still successful and getting into good schools. They probably have an abundance of schools to choose from and this will require more homework. Take time to make the choice.
Even non-students are having good educational oppor­tunities these days – and they should take them. There are religious and philosophical breakthroughs happening as well.
Health and energy continue to be good. Like last month the danger is over-indulgence in the good life. The good news here is that Mars spends most of the month (until the 28th) in your own sign. This indicates that you are more involved in physical exercise and sports.
Mars will square Uranus on the 1st and 2nd, which is a dynamic aspect. Avoid losing your temper (you are more susceptible to this now) and undue risk-taking, and drive more defensively. This applies to parents or parent figures as well. There can be shake-ups at the top levels in your company or industry during this period.
Love is good, as we mentioned, but your spouse, partner or current love seems more stressed out than usual. He or she needs to rest and relax more. This stress can complicate what is basically a good relationship.

Horoscope & Astrology

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Horoscope Cancer July 2014

You’ve had a few very rough years, but now comes the posi­tive payback. You are in one of the best periods of your whole life. All of you are feeling this now, but those born early in the sign of Cancer (from June 21 to July 1) feel it the most. Do you still face a few challenges? Certainly. But the good, the harmony, is much, much stronger.
Last month you entered a yearly personal pleasure peak on the 21st. This personal pleasure peak is much stronger than usual as benevolent Jupiter has joined the party. All of you are getting financially richer now – some more than others. All the planets in your own sign – the Sun, Venus, Mercury, Mars and Jupiter – indicate that you live ‘as if you were rich and affluent. You are living the high life now and your sensual fantasies are being fulfilled. Students are successful in school. Those applying to colleges hear very good news now. In general, Lady Luck sits beside you in most of the affairs of your life.
After going through such difficult years it would be natu­ral to over-indulge in the good life. A little over-indulgence is understandable, but try to keep it in check. This is the main health danger right now. Weight needs watching now. Otherwise health and energy are super. You have all the energy you need to attain your goals.
Cancerians of child-bearing age have entered a period of great fertility. It is strongest now, but will be strong for the rest of the year. Many positive developments happen on the love front as well. Your love planet, Saturn, starts moving forward on the 8th after many months of retrograde motion. So there is now forward momentum in the social life. More importantly, Saturn receives beautiful aspects from Jupiter (and many other planets) this month. He is part of a rare Grand Trine in the Water element. So love is in the air now. There is romance for those who want it and marriage oppor­tunities as well.
The whole month is financially prosperous. On the 22nd you enter a yearly financial peak.
Last month, on the 21st, the planetary power began to shift from the upper to the lower half of the Horoscope. This month the shift becomes even stronger. So it is time to focus on your first love – your home, family and emotional life. In spite of this shift there are still good career opportunities happening between the 19th and 24th. But now you can afford to be choosier about what offers you will accept; they need to be emotionally comfortable and not cause family upheaval.

Horoscope & Astrology

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Horoscope Cancer June 2014

Last month was a very spiritual-type month, especially from the 20th onwards. In light of the two eclipses that happened this was a good thing. In times of distress we need to call upon our spiritual resources, and most likely this is what happened for you. These resources are more than adequate to handle any kind of crisis on the material plane. Your spiri­tual period continues until the 21st of this month. It is a time for spiritual breakthroughs. Your access to the invisible world of spirit and energy is much better now than at other times. It’s good now to review the past year, atone for mistakes, forgive yourself and others, and set your goals for the year ahead which begins on your birthday – your personal new year.
You are on the cusp of great and glorious things. Things might seem dark at the beginning of the month, but as they say, it is always darkest before dawn. Momentous things are happening now. Jupiter will move into your sign on the 27th, initiating a two-year period of prosperity, happiness and good fortune. You start to catch the lucky breaks in life. You are lucky in speculations. You are up and optimistic. Things that were once daydreams or fantasies will actually start to happen.
The planetary power is now at its maximum Eastern posi­tion in your chart. Thus, you are in a period of maximum personal independence. You can and will have things your way. You can and will create the conditions for happiness and fulfilment. It’s up to you now. Though health is still deli­cate – you still have two powerful long-term planets stress­ing you – after the 21st it improves immeasurably. With more energy all kinds of new possibilities open up.
The love life, which was merely so-so up to now, really takes off after the 21st. Singles are meeting significant others. Marriage would not be a surprise, though next month is better for that. Romance is in the air.
With the Sun and Venus moving through your sign, you look great. You are magnetic and charismatic. You dress with style and elegance. You look wealthy as well – you have the image of a prosperous person. But it’s more than just image; when the Sun crosses your Ascendant on the 21st he will bring sizeable financial windfalls. In the year ahead you will be living a higher kind of lifestyle. With Jupiter it matters little whether you actually have the cash to support this lifestyle – you will live ‘as if you were rich.
Travel is happening later in the month too. However, keep in mind that Neptune, your travel planet, goes retro­grade on the 7th, so allow more time for getting to and from your destination.

Horoscope & Astrology

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