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Pig 2015

2015: wood Goat year The year of the Goat will open many paths for Pigs’ interpersonal relationships; they will extend their group of friendships and their job contacts. Due to their aquatic energy —which nurtures the wood of the ruling Goat—, their hearts will spontaneously deliver positive energy. In return, they will receive great economicRead More »

Dog 2015

2015: wood Goat year For Dogs, the year of the Goat will open a path marked by teamwork; here, struggle for leadership will be the only setback to overcome. Dogs will get caught in the prevailing enthusiasm, which will encourage them to take on new job responsibilities and affective bonds. This will be a wearingRead More »

Rooster 2015

2015: wood Goat year Roosters’ structures will be shaken by the year of the Goat. Both unexpected events and the unpredictability of the environment will put their tolerance to the test at all times. But notwithstanding the bad temper this sign can experience as the year goes by, it will receive heavenly and worldly aidRead More »

Monkey 2015

2015: wood Goat year The year of the Goat will fill Monkeys with restlessness; but if it finds a good way out, this very restlessness will enable the realization of many projects. Avoiding disproportionate competitiveness and the non-stop internal mental dialog will be essential for Monkeys to make a constructive match with the Goat’s energy.Read More »

Goat 2015

2015: wood Goat year The year of the Goat will pour its drive and initiative into the subtle Goats. The influence of this year over their own sign will make them feel confident and filled with unusual courage. This one will be a good year to carry out postponed goals, love conquests, travels and businessesRead More »

Horse 2015

2015: wood Goat year The year of the Goat requests a lot of drive from this sign; this will expose Horses to great conquests but also to risky situations. Internal contradictions will appear, and difficult decisions will have to be made. In the Horses’ path, both friends and enemies will be found. With the windRead More »

Snake 2015

2015: wood Goat year The year of the Goat is a very demanding one for the Snake, whose fiery vigor works non-stop burning energy. This means that, even having plenty of chances for growth and success, they will need collaboration from other people to be able to keep their achievements as time goes by. CuttingRead More »

Dragon 2015

2015: wood Goat year The year of the Goat will be of top intensity for Dragons: the energy of both sings (Yang wood) will feed each other generating a feeling of no limitations. Though majestic Dragons are in for a year in the leading role, the high degree of exposition and the size of theRead More »

Rabbit 2015

2015: wood Goat year For Rabbits, the year of the Goat will bring experiences that will put their tact to the test and draw forth aspects of their subconscious that are unknown to them. The energy of the Goat is quite different from the Rabbit’s, but they can complement constructively, even in the face ofRead More »

Tiger 2015

2015: wood Goat year Tigers will get an extra shot of energy from the year of the Goat, as both are wood signs with a tendency to growth. People born under this sign will enjoy a good environment to explore and expand to their hearts’ content. There will virtually be no hurdles than can stopRead More »