Capricorn Woman Cancer Man

The Cancer-Capricorn combination is astrologically linked. You two are zodiacal mates, as well as zodiacal opposites, so chances are you will hit if off in love. But Cancer is very sensitive—thin-skinned and moody. You’ve got to keep on your toes not to step on his.
Cancer may be lacking in some of the qualities you seek in a man. But when it comes to being faithful and being a good provider, he’s hard to beat.
True to his sign, the Crab can be fairly cranky and crabby when handled the wrong way. If you want to catch him and keep him, you will learn to understand and flow with his moods.
The perceptive woman will not mistake the Crab’s quietness for sullenness or his thriftiness for penny-pinching. In some respects, he is like that wise old owl out on a limb. He may look like he’s dozing, but actually he hasn’t missed a thing.
Cancers often possess a well of knowledge about human behavior. They can come up with helpful advice to those in trouble or in need. He can certainly guide you in making investments both in time and money. He may not say much, but he’s always got his wits about him.
If you’re smarter than your Cancer friend, be smart enough not to let him know. Never give him the idea that you think he’s a little short on brainpower. It would send him scurrying back into his shell, and all that lost ground will never be recovered.
The Crab is most comfortable at home. Settled down for the night or the weekend, wild horses couldn’t drag him any further than the gatepost, unless those wild horses were dispatched by his mother. The Crab is sometimes a Mama’s boy. If his mate does not put her foot down, he will see to it that his mother always comes first.
No self-respecting Capricorn wife would ever allow herself to play second fiddle to her mother-in-law. With a little bit of tact, you’ll slip into that number-one position as easy as pie.
Cancers make proud, patient, and protective fathers. But they can be a little too protective. Their sheltering instincts can interfere with a youngster’s natural inclination to test the waters outside the home. Still, the Cancer father doesn’t want to see his kids learning about life the hard way from the streets. The fact that you are Cancer’s zodiacal opposite, as well as mate, helps to balance how your children will view life and cope with a variety of challenging situations.

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Capricorn Woman Gemini Man

Gemini men, in spite of their charm and dashing manner, may leave you cold. They seem to lack the sort of common sense you set so much store in. Their tendency to start something, then out of boredom never finish it, may exasperate you.
You may interpret a Gemini’s jumping around from here to there as childish, if not downright neurotic. A man born under the sign of the Twins will seldom stay put. If you should take it upon yourself to try and make him sit still, he will resent it strongly.
On the other hand, the Gemini man may think you’re a slowpoke—someone far too interested in security and material things. He’s attracted to things that sparkle and dazzle. You, with your practical way of looking at things most of the time, are likely to seem a little dull and uninteresting to this gadabout. If you’re looking for a life of security and permanence, you’d better look elsewhere for your Mr. Right.
Chances are you’ll be taken by his charming ways and facile wit. Few women can resist Gemini magic. But after you’ve seen through his live-for-today, gossamer facade, you’ll most likely be very happy to turn your attention to someone more stable, even if he is not as interesting.
You want a man who is there when you need him. You need someone on whom you can fully rely. Keeping track of a Gemini’s movements will make you dizzy. Still, if you are patient, you should be able to put up with someone contrary—especially if you feel the experience is worth the effort.
A successful and serious Gemini could make you a very happy woman, if you gave him half a chance. He generally has a good brain and can make good use of it when he wants. Some Geminis who have learned the importance of being consistent have risen to great heights professionally. Once you can convince yourself that not all people born under the sign of the Twins are witless grasshoppers, you’ll find that you’ve come a long way in trying to understand them.
Life with a Gemini man can be more fun than a barrel of clowns. You’ll never have a chance to experience a dull moment. He’s always the life of the party. He’s a little scatterbrained when it comes to handling money most of the time. You’d better handle the budgeting and bookkeeping.
The Gemini father is in some ways like a child himself, and perhaps that is why he gets along so well with the younger generation. He usually lets the children do what they want until they are running the household. You will put a stop to this nonsense without suppressing the sense of humor the youngsters have picked up from their Gemini father.

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Capricorn Woman Taurus Man

Some Taurus men are strong and silent. They do all they can to protect and provide for the women they love. The Taurus man will never let you down. He’s steady, sturdy, and reliable. He’s pretty honest and practical, too. He says what he means and means what he says. He never indulges in deceit and will always put his cards on the table.
Taurus is affectionate. Being loved, appreciated, understood is important for his well-being. Like you, he is also looking for peace and security in his life. If you both work toward these goals together, you’ll find that they are easily attained.
If you should marry a Taurus man, you can be sure that the wolf will never darken your door. Bulls are notoriously good providers and do everything they can to make their families comfortable and happy.
He’ll appreciate the way you have of making a home warm and inviting. Soft lights and the evening papers are essential ingredients in making your Taurus husband happy at the end of the workday. Although he may be a big lug of a guy, you’ll find that he’s fond of gentleness and soft things. If you puff up his pillow and tuck him in at night, he’ll eat it up and ask for more.
You probably won’t complain about his friends. Taurus tends to seek out friends who are successful or prominent. You admire people, too, who work hard and achieve what they set out for.
The Taurus man doesn’t care too much for change. He’s the original stay-at-home. Chances are that the house you move into after you’re married will be the house you’ll live in for the rest of your life.
You’ll find that the man born under the sign of the Bull is easy to get along with. It’s unlikely that you’ll have many quarrels or arguments that last more than a short time.
Although he’ll be gentle and tender with you, your Taurus man is far from being a sensitive type. He’s a man’s man. Chances are he loves sports from fishing to football. He can be earthy as well as down to earth.
Taurus, born under an earth sign as you are, has much affection for the children and has no trouble demonstrating his love and warmth. Yet the Taurus father does not believe in spoiling the kids, so you and he will share the challenge of disciplining them. Both of you want your youngsters to succeed in the world. The Taurus father especially sees to it they grow up knowing their place in society.

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Capricorn Woman Aries Man

In some ways, the Aries man is the black sheep in the family, always seeking adventure. He has an insatiable thirst for knowledge. He’s ambitious and is apt to have his finger in many pies. He can do with a woman like you—someone attractive, quick-witted, and smart.
He is not interested in a clinging vine kind of wife. He wants someone who is there when he needs her, someone who can give advice if he should ever need it, which is not likely to be often. The Aries man wants a woman who will look good on his arm without hanging on it too heavily. He is looking for a woman who has both feet on the ground and yet is mysterious and enticing, a kind of domestic Helen of Troy whose face can launch a thousand business deals if need be.
That woman he’s in search of sounds a little like you, doesn’t she? If the shoe fits, put it on. You won’t regret it. The Aries man makes a good husband. He is faithful and attentive. He is an affectionate man. He’ll make you feel needed and loved.
Love is a serious matter for the Aries man. He does not believe in flirting or playing the field—especially after he’s found the woman of his dreams. He’ll expect you to be as constant in your affection as he is in his. He’ll expect you to be one hundred percent his. He won’t put up with any nonsense while romancing you.
The Aries man may be pretty progressive and modern about many things. However, when it comes to pants wearing, he’s the boss and that’s that. Once you have learned to accept that, you’ll find the going easy.
The Aries man, with his endless energy and drive, likes to relax in the comfort of his home at the ejidpf the day. The good homemaker can be sure of holding his love. He likes to watch the news from his favorite chair. If you see to it that everything in the house is where he expects to find it, you’ll have no difficulty keeping the relationship on an even keel.
Life and love with an Aries man may be just the medicine you need. He’ll be a good provider. He’ll spoil you if he’s financially able.
The Aries father is young at heart and will spoil the children every chance he gets. His quick mind and energetic behavior appeal to the young. His ability to jump from one thing to another keeps the kids hopping. You must introduce some focus into the children’s activities. Always emphasize the practical in order to prepare the kids for success.

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Romance and the Capricorn Man

The Capricorn man is no Lothario. He will never be swept off his feet by romance. He’s more intellectual than romantic. He is fond of affection but may find it difficult to express affection toward the one he is interested in.
He is capable of great passion—yet passion that is lacking in affection. His loved one is apt to find him difficult to understand at times. He is honest in his love relationships. He would never lead a woman astray.
Flirting has no interest for him. He believes in steady, gradual relationships. He likes to know his partner well as a person before going on to romance or love. He may seem casual at first in the way he demonstrates his interest. As he wins the woman’s trust, however, he will begin to unwind and reveal his feelings for what they are.
A woman who can help him gain those things in life that interest him holds a great attraction for him. He is not a fortune hunter. But if the woman he is interested in has some money or social background, so much the better. He can be practical, even when in love.
He is an idealist. He has a dream woman running around in his head, and he won’t give up his search until he has found her—or someone like her. He is faithful in marriage. He does what he can to provide well for his family. He can be depended on to fulfill his role as father and husband to the letter.
He always tries to do what is best for his children. He may not be the most affectionate father, but he is dutiful and responsible. The feelings a Capricorn father has for his youngsters generally intensify as they grow up.

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Romance and the Capricorn Woman

The Capricorn woman is very serious when it comes to love and courtship. She is correct. When her loved one offends her sensibilities, she lets him know in short order. She can be quite affectionate with the right man. On the whole, however, she is rather inhibited. A warm and understanding man can teach her how to be more demonstrative in her affection.
She is not fond of flirting. A man who tries to win her with his charm may not have much of a chance. She is interested in someone who is serious on whom she can depend. Respect also plays an important part when she selects a lover or partner. A man who abuses her affections is quickly dismissed. She will never take the lead in a love affair, yet she is not fond of people who move fast. She likes to take her time getting to know someone. Whirlwind romance has very little appeal to a Capricorn woman.
She is a perfectionist to some extent. She wants a man she can look up to and respect. Someone who is in a position to provide a good home and the necessary security is more important and interesting to her than someone who is amorous and charming.
The Capricorn woman needs someone who is warm and affectionate even though she may not show or indicate it. She needs someone who is what she is not. She may spend a great deal of time looking for the right person. She is not someone who will settle for something short of her ideals. Some female Goats marry late in life as a result. The cultivated Capricorn woman, however, knows how to take the bitter with the sweet. If she meets someone who basically lines up with her ideals but is not perfect, she will settle for him and try to make the most of it.
The Capricorn wife runs her home in a very efficient manner. She is faithful and systematic. She enjoys taking care of her family and sees to it that everything runs smoothly. She may not be very romantic, even after marriage. However, the right man can help her to develop a deeper interest in love and companionship as the marriage grows.
She is a correct mother. Her children never want. She may not be too loving or sympathetic, but she is responsible and protective. Children’s love for her grows as they grow older.

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Capricorn Love and Marriage

The Capricorn man or woman is not what one could accurately describe as being romantic. But they are emotional, and their feelings run deep. Their respect for intellect and convention may prevent them from expressing themselves in a demonstrative way, vigorously exhibiting their love and affection. Capricorn is a considerate lover, a well-mannered dating partner. Their approach to courtship and romance is conventional. They would never do anything that might injure the feelings or sensibilities of their mate or date. Doing the right thing at the right time is important.
Capricorns do not let their affections run rampant. Their mind reigns over their emotions. Flirting has little or no appeal. When in love, the Goat is serious. Even if a love relationship does not end in a permanent union, the Goat takes it seriously. Capricorn men and women will not run from one love affair to another—or enjoy several romances at the same time. Capricorn is constant.
Still, Capricorn will not give his or her heart away immediately. They like to begin a romance by being friends. If the love interest is encouraging and indicates reciprocal feelings, Capricorn will then allow the relationship to enter a more intimate phase. He or she does not want to be deceived or made a fool of. Ever protective, the Goat will take steps to guard against betrayal.
Driven by ambition, Capricorn in love is apt to direct his or her affections toward someone who can help them get ahead in their career. In love, they do not totally lose their heads. They know what they want. That does not mean Capricorn is insincere in love—just practical.
The person who falls under Capricorn’s charm—and there is plenty of it—may find it difficult to understand the dark and pessimistic moods that emerge from nowhere. The inhibition and hesitation and secretiveness seem to be without reason. Although Capricorns build a love affair slowly, they will end it quickly if they feel it is a waste of time. When disappointed, they are direct and to the point.
The cultivated, strong Capricorn tries to be open in love so that the relationship will be a lasting one. They admit their faults readily and do what they can to be more affectionate and demonstrative. An exciting, impulsive person is sometimes the ideal mate for a Capricorn man or woman.

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Capricorn Social Relationships

The Capricorn personality projected onto the social scene is marked by reserve and dignity. At first it may appear that these men and women are hanging back, waiting to be drawn into the thick of things. Capricorns may seem unapproachable and cold to someone newly introduced. But the one who does win a Goat’s friendship is rewarded by kindness, loyalty, and fidelity.
Capricorns have many acquaintances but true few friends. Among strangers the Goat may feel scrutinized and judged, so there is a tendency to wait in the wings, to hide from imagined harsh criticism. The fear of criticism also gives rise to a tendency to be secretive. Capricorns are unwilling to broadcast their intentions, except to the chosen few.
Capricorn men and women seldom, if ever, gossip or talk behind someone’s back. Friends can always count on them to guard a confidence. Even though the Goat is wary of revealing his or her own secrets, the secrets of other people are kept under wraps.
Capricorn sometimes picks the wrong people as companions. In youth and early adulthood the Goat may be tempted to run with a bad crowd, and unfortunately is likely to gain a bad reputation because of it. The troublemakers and freeloaders take advantage and often blame the innocent Goat. Such disappointments and betrayals are all too common. But Capricorns learn from their mistakes. For that reason, as they mature they become more cautious and discriminating in their choice of friends.
Capricorn men and women are prominent in the life of their community. They play an active role in neighborhood groups and civic organizations. Where there is a club or association formed to promote the general good, you will find a Capricorn and often in a leadership position.
To true friends, Capricorn is a pillar of strength, a rock. He or she is capable of making great sacrifices in order to help a friend. That is why solid friendships last a lifetime and provide much support and comfort all around.

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Famous Capricorn


Elvis Presley was Capricorn

Muhammad Ali, Isaac Asimov, Pablo Casals, Dizzy Dean, Marlene Dietrich, James Farmer, Ava Gardner, Barry Gold-water, Gary Grant, J. Edgar Hoover, Howard Hughes, Joan of Arc, Gypsy Rose Lee, Martin Luther King, Jr., Rudyard Kipling, Mao Tse-tung, Richard Nixon, Gamal Nasser, Louis Pasteur, Albert Schweitzer, Stalin, Benjamin Franklin, Elvis Presley.

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Capricorn Home and Family

The average Capricorn enjoys the security of home life. Still, it generally does not appeal to them in the same way as it does others. They may not marry for love or companionship alone. They may think of marriage and domesticity as a practical means for realizing their material goals.
The person born under Capricorn sign sometimes marries for position or money. Not that they are all that coldhearted and calculating. But Capricorn finds it just as easy to fall in love with a socially prominent and wealthy person as it is to become romantically involved with a poor person.
The occupation or career of a Capricorn man or woman is apt to play the central role in their life. Family comes in second, playing a supporting role. Many Capricorns are not fond of large families, that is, one with many children.
Parenthood can be something of a burden for the average Capricorn. They take their responsibilities toward the family very seriously. Family ties are strong, but the Goat may seem a bit distant even to loved ones. Capricorn is capable of great affection, but is apt to be more demonstrative when managing or organizing household affairs. The goal is that everything connected with home life should run smoothly.
Capricorns sometimes feel lacking in some quality or characteristic. It is this feeling of inadequacy that drives them in romance. They want to find someone who has what they lack. A loving mate and a harmonious family give Capricorn the feeling of being needed, of being a complete person. Once settled, then he or she is interested in improving or expanding home life in various ways.
The Capricorn husband or wife will often do what he or she can to make the home harmonious and tasteful. They generally have a great interest in all that is beautiful and cultural. Some Capricorns are fond of music, and a piano in the home is a must. The home of a Capricorn person generally radiates good taste and beauty. It may be a bit on the luxurious side—if they can afford it—but never in an ostentatious way.
The home is usually peaceful and harmonious. Capricorn feels that everything in the household should run on some regular basis: a special time for meals, for sleeping, for entertaining. The home is a comfortable place, and it is usually easy for someone to feel at ease while visiting a Capricorn friend.
Capricorns are proud of their home and property. They are responsible members of the community and will do what is necessary to fulfill their duties as a neighbor. However, they like to keep their home life to themselves. They value their privacy.
Capricorn’s home is usually well kept and attractive. They like to be respected and highly thought of because of their possessions. Prestige in the community is important to them. A materialistic duel with the Joneses is not beneath the Goat. They will always try to do the neighbors one better if they can afford it.
Children bring joy into the Goat’s life. Still, Capricorn men and women may not be very fond of a large family. But they will give the necessary love and attention to the few children they do have. Capricorn parents are interested in the youngsters as distinct individuals and enjoy seeing them grow up. The hope, of course, is that the children will be a credit to the parents and will reflect the good upbringing Capricorn has given them.
At times, the Capricorn parent may seem a bit unsympathetic, especially if the youngsters misbehave. But as they mature, they will respect and love their Capricorn parent for the security he or she has given them while they were growing up.

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