Capricorn Man Taurus Woman

A Taurus woman, an earth sign like you, could perhaps understand you better than most women. She is very considerate and loving. She is thorough and methodical in whatever she does. She knows how to take her time in doing things; she is anxious to avoid mistakes. She is a careful person. She never skips over things that may seem unimportant; she goes over everything with a fine-tooth comb. Home is very important to the Taurus woman. She is an excellent homemaker. Although your home may not be a palace, it will become, under her care, a comfortable and happy abode. She’ll love it when friends drop by for the evening. She is a good cook and enjoys feeding people well. No one will ever go away from your house with an empty stomach.
The Taurus woman is serious about love and affection. When she has taken a tumble for someone, she’ll stay by him—for good, if possible. She will try to be practical in romance, to some extent. When she sets her cap for a man, she keeps after him until he’s won her. The Taurus woman is a passionate lover, even though she may appear otherwise at first glance. She is on the lookout for someone who can return her affection fully. Taurus are sometimes given to fits of jealousy and possessiveness.They expect fair play in the area of marriage. When it doesn’t come about, they can be bitingly sarcastic and mean.
But the Taurus woman is generally easygoing. She’s fond of keeping peace. She won’t argue unless she has to. She’ll do her best to maintain your love relationship on an even keel.
Marriage is generally a one-time thing for Taurus. Once they’ve made the serious step, they seldom try to back out of it. Marriage is for keeps. They are fond of love and warmth. With the right man, they turn out to be ideal wives.
The Taurus woman will respect you for your steady ways. She’ll have confidence in your common sense.
The Taurus mother will share with you the joys, the burdens, and the challenges of parenthood. She seldom puts up with any nonsense from the youngsters. She can wield an iron fist in a velvet glove. She may have some difficult times when they reach adolescence. But in later life the teenagers are often thankful they were brought up in such a conscientious fashion.

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Capricorn Man Aries Woman

The Aries woman may be a little too bossy and busy for you. Gener-ally, Aries are ambitious creatures. They tend to lose their patience with thorough and delibérate people who take a lot of time to complete something. The Aries woman is a fast worker, Sometimes she’s so fast she forgets to look where she’s going.
When she stumbles or falls, it would be nice if you were there to grab her. But Aries are proud. They don’t like to be chided when they err. Scolding can turn them into blocks of ice. However, don’t begin to think thaí the Aries woman frequently gets tripped up in her plans. Quite often she is capable of taking aim and hitting the bull’s-eye. You’ll be flabbergasted at times by her accuracy as well as by her ambition.
You are perhaps somewhat slower than Aries in attaining your goals. Still, you are not apt to make mistakes along the way; you’re seldom ill-prepared.
The Aries woman is quite sensitive at times. She likes to be handled with gentleness and respect. Let her know that you love her for her brains as well as for her good looks. Never give her cause to become jealous. When your Aries woman sees green, you’d better forget about sharing a rosy future together. Handle her with tender love and care and she’s yours.
The Aries woman can be giving if she feels her partner is deserving. She is no iceberg; she responds to the proper masculine flame. She needs a man she can look up to and feel proud of. If the shoe fits, put it on. If not, better put your sneakers back on and quietly tiptoe out of her sight. She can cause you plenty of heartache if you’ve made up your mind about her and she hasn’t made up hers about you.
Aries women are very demanding at times. Some of them tend to be high-strung. They can be difficult if they feel their independence is being hampered.
The cultivated Aries woman makes a wonderful homemaker and hostess. You’ll find that she’s very clever in decorating; she knows how to use colors. Your house will be tastefully furnished. She’ll see to it that it radiates harmony. Friends and acquaintances will love your Aries wife. She knows how to make everyone feel at home and welcome.
The Aries woman makes a fine, affectionate mother. Because she is not keen on burdensome responsibilities, like you she prefers a small family with a few children. She is skilled at juggling both career and motherhood, so the kids will never feel she is an absentee parent. You can help prepare the youngsters for their roles as young adults.

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Capricorn Woman Pisces Man

Pisces could be the man you’ve looked for high and low and thought never existed. He’s terribly sensitive and terribly romantic. Still, he has a very strong individual character and is well aware that the moon is not made of green cheese. He’ll be very considerate of your every wish and will do his best to see to it that your relationship is a happy one.
The Pisces man is great for showering the object of his affection with all kinds of little gifts and tokens of his love.
He’s just the right mixture of dreamer and realist; he’s capable of pleasing most women. When it comes to earning bread and butter, the strong Pisces will do all right in the world. Quite often they are capable of rising to the very top. Some do extremely well as writers or psychiatrists.
He’ll be as patient and understanding with you as you undoubtedly will be with him. One thing a Pisces man dislikes is pettiness. Anyone who delights in running another into the ground is almost immediately crossed off his list of possible mates. If you have any small grievances with your friends, don’t tell him. He couldn’t care less and will think less of you if you do.
If you fall in love with a weak kind of Pisces, don’t give up your job at the office before you get married. Better hang onto it until a good time after the honeymoon; you may still need it. A Pisces man can be content almost any where. This is perhaps because he is quite inner-directed and places little value on material things. In a shack or a palace, the Pisces man is capable of making the best of all possible adjustments. He won’t kick up a fuss if the roof leaks and if the fence is in sad need of repair.
At this point, you’ll most likely feel like giving him a piece of your mind. Still and all, the Pisces man is not shiftless or aimless. It is important to understand that material gain is never a direct goal for someone born under this sign.
Pisces men have a way with the sick and troubled. He can listen to one hard-luck story after another without seeming to tire. He often knows what’s bothering someone before that someone knows it himself.
As a lover, he’ll be quite attentive. You’ll never have cause to doubt his intentions or sincerity. Everything will be aboveboard in his romantic dealings with you.
The Pisces father, always permissive and understanding, is immensely popular with children. He plays the double role of confidant and playmate for the kids. It will never enter his mind to discpline a child, no matter how spoiled or incorrigible that youngster becomes.

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Capricorn Woman Aquarius Man

You will find the Aquarius man the most broad-minded man you have ever met. On the other hand, you will find him the most impractical. Oftentimes, he’s more of a dreamer than a doer. If you don’t mind putting up with a man whose heart and mind are as wide as the universe but whose head is almost always up in the clouds, then start dating that Aquarius who has somehow captured your fancy. Maybe you, with your good sense, can bring him back down to earth when he gets too starry-eyed.
He can be busy making some very complicated and idealistic plans when he’s got that out-to-lunch look in his eyes. But more than likely he’ll never execute them. After he’s shared one or two of his progressive ideas with you, you may think he’s crazy. But don’t go jumping to conclusions. There’s a saying that Aquarius are a half-century ahead of everybody else in the thinking department.
If you decide to marry him, you’ll find out how right his zany whims are on or about your 50th anniversary. Maybe the wait will be worth it. Could be that you have an Einstein on your hands— and heart.
Life with an Aquarius won’t be one of total despair if you can learn to temper his airiness with your down-to-earth practicality. He won’t gripe if you do. Aquarius always maintains an open mind. He’ll entertain the ideas and opinions of everybody. He may not agree with all of them.
Don’t go tearing your hair out when you find that it’s almost impossible to hold a normal conversation with your Aquarius friend at times. No matter what he says, keep in mind that he means well.
His broad-mindedness doesn’t stop when it comes to you and your personal freedom. You won’t have to give up any of your hobbies or projects after you’re married. He’ll encourage you to continue in your interests.
He’ll be a kind and generous husband. He’ll never quibble over petty things. Keep track of the money you both spend. He can’t. Money burns a hole in his pocket.
At times, you may feel like calling it quits. Chances are, though, that you’ll always give him another chance.
The Aquarius father is a good family man. He understands children as much as he loves them. He sees them as individuals in their own right. Aquarius can talk to the kids on a variety of subjects, and his knowledge can be awe-inspiring. You will often have to bring the youngsters back down to earth.

Capricorn Woman Capricorn Man

The Capricorn man may be more inhibited and cautious than the Capricorn woman. So it may be up to you to thaw his romantic reserve and warm his sensual interest in you. He is capable of giving his heart completely once he has found the right lover. As you know, Capricorn is thorough and deliberate in all that he does. He is slow and steady and sure.
He doesn’t believe in flirting and would never lead a heart on a merry chase just for the game. If you win his trust, he’ll give you his heart on a platter. Quite often, the woman has to take the lead when romance is in the air. As long as he knows you’re making the advances in earnest, he won’t mind—in fact, he’ll probably be grateful.
Although some Capricorns are indeed quite capable of expressing passion, others often have difficulty in trying to display affection. He should have no trouble in this area, however, as long as you are patient and understanding.
The Capricorn man is very interested in getting ahead. He’s quite ambitious and usually knows how to apply himself well to whatever task he undertakes. He’s far from being a spendthrift. Like you, he knows how to handle money with extreme care. Both of you have a knack for putting away pennies for that rainy day. The Capricorn man thinks in terms of future security. He wants to make sure that he and his wife have something to fall back on when they reach retirement age. There’s nothing wrong with that; in fact, it’s a plus quality.
The Capricorn man will want to handle household matters efficiently. Most Capricorn women will have no trouble in doing this. If he should check up on you from time to time, don’t let it irritate you. Once you assure him that you can handle it all to his liking, he’ll leave you alone.
Although he’s a hard man to catch when it comes to marriage, once he’s made that serious step, he’s quite likely to become possessive. Capricorns need to know that they have the support of their wives in whatever they do—every step of the way.
The Capricorn man needs to be liked. He may seem dull to some, but underneath his reserve there is sometimes an adventurous streak that has never had a chance to express itself. He may be a real daredevil in his heart of hearts. The right woman—the affectionate, adoring woman—can bring out that hidden zest in his nature.
A Capricorn father is dutiful and steady, although he may not understand the children as well as you do. He can be cold and aloof at times, and the youngsters may confide to you that they secretly dislike him. However, as they get older and wiser, they realize that the Capricorn father always acted in their best interests.

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