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  • Capricorn Woman Pisces Man

    Pisces could be the man you’ve looked for high and low and thought never existed. He’s terribly sensitive and terribly romantic. Still, he has a very strong individual character and is well aware that the moon is not made of green cheese. He’ll be very considerate of your every wish... Continue reading

  • Capricorn Woman Aquarius Man

    You will find the Aquarius man the most broad-minded man you have ever met. On the other hand, you will find him the most impractical. Oftentimes, he’s more of a dreamer than a doer. If you don’t mind putting up with a man whose heart and mind are as wide... Continue reading

  • Capricorn Woman Capricorn Man

    The Capricorn man may be more inhibited and cautious than the Capricorn woman. So it may be up to you to thaw his romantic reserve and warm his sensual interest in you. He is capable of giving his heart completely once he has found the right lover. As you know,... Continue reading

  • Capricorn Woman Sagittarius Man

    Sagittarius men are not easy to catch. They get cold feet whenever visions of the altar enter the romance. You’ll most likely be attracted to Sagittarius because of his sunny nature. He’s lots of laughs and easy to get along with. But as soon as the relationship begins to take... Continue reading

  • Capricorn Woman Scorpio Man

    Some people have a hard time understanding the man born under the sign of Scorpio. Few, however, are able to resist his fiery charm. When angered, he can act like an overturned wasps’ nest. His sting can leave an almost permanent mark. If you find yourself interested in the Scorpio... Continue reading

  • Capricorn Woman Libra Man

    If there’s a Libra in your life, you are most likely a very happy woman. Men born under this sign have a way with women. You’ll always feel at ease in a Libra’s company. You can be yourself when you’re with him. The Libra man can be moody at times.... Continue reading