Horoscope Cancer June 2014

Last month was a very spiritual-type month, especially from the 20th onwards. In light of the two eclipses that happened this was a good thing. In times of distress we need to call upon our spiritual resources, and most likely this is what happened for you. These resources are more than adequate to handle any kind of crisis on the material plane. Your spiri­tual period continues until the 21st of this month. It is a time for spiritual breakthroughs. Your access to the invisible world of spirit and energy is much better now than at other times. It’s good now to review the past year, atone for mistakes, forgive yourself and others, and set your goals for the year ahead which begins on your birthday – your personal new year.
You are on the cusp of great and glorious things. Things might seem dark at the beginning of the month, but as they say, it is always darkest before dawn. Momentous things are happening now. Jupiter will move into your sign on the 27th, initiating a two-year period of prosperity, happiness and good fortune. You start to catch the lucky breaks in life. You are lucky in speculations. You are up and optimistic. Things that were once daydreams or fantasies will actually start to happen.
The planetary power is now at its maximum Eastern posi­tion in your chart. Thus, you are in a period of maximum personal independence. You can and will have things your way. You can and will create the conditions for happiness and fulfilment. It’s up to you now. Though health is still deli­cate – you still have two powerful long-term planets stress­ing you – after the 21st it improves immeasurably. With more energy all kinds of new possibilities open up.
The love life, which was merely so-so up to now, really takes off after the 21st. Singles are meeting significant others. Marriage would not be a surprise, though next month is better for that. Romance is in the air.
With the Sun and Venus moving through your sign, you look great. You are magnetic and charismatic. You dress with style and elegance. You look wealthy as well – you have the image of a prosperous person. But it’s more than just image; when the Sun crosses your Ascendant on the 21st he will bring sizeable financial windfalls. In the year ahead you will be living a higher kind of lifestyle. With Jupiter it matters little whether you actually have the cash to support this lifestyle – you will live ‘as if you were rich.
Travel is happening later in the month too. However, keep in mind that Neptune, your travel planet, goes retro­grade on the 7th, so allow more time for getting to and from your destination.

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Horoscope Cancer May 2014

Two eclipses this month ensure that the month ahead will be eventful, both personally and for the world at large. Humans are powerful creatures with the gift of free will, which enables them to veer off from the Divine Plan for their lives.
It takes the events brought on by an eclipse – an earthquake, a natural disaster, a near-death kind of experience – to bring them back in line. You are affected by these eclipses more than most. With the Moon as your ruling planet, the Lunar Eclipse tends to be strongest. However, the Solar Eclipse is powerful in that it affects your financial life. However, the eclipses of this month are mild in comparison to some that you have already gone through. Not many other planets are affected here. They also make either harmonious or non­destructive aspects to you. Still, it won’t hurt to reduce your schedule during these periods.
The Lunar Eclipse of the 25th will bring a redefinition of the personality and the self-concept. You are changing the way you think about yourself and the way you want others to perceive you. This is basically healthy. You are upgrading and polishing your image. If you haven’t been careful in dietary matters these Lunar Eclipses can bring a detox of the body (this is not disease, though the symptoms seem the same). This eclipse occurs in your 11th house of friends. Thus friendships can be tested. Sometimes it is the basic rela­tionship that is the problem; sometimes it is due to dramatic events that happen in the lives of friends. Your hi-tech equipment and gadgetry gets tested too (it would be a good idea to upgrade your anti-virus software now). Mars, your career planet, is affected by this eclipse, so there can be shake-ups in the career or in the lives of people involved with your career. Parents or parent figures need to take it easy during this period.
The Solar Eclipse of the 10th brings financial changes. These are basically good and probably needed to be made long ago. (It takes the dramas brought on by the eclipse to force these changes.) This eclipse occurs in your 6th house of health and work, and thus could bring a health scare or a job change. Since your health is basically good, this will most likely be nothing more than a scare. Neptune, the ruler of your 9th house, is affected by this eclipse and so it is prob­ably not a good idea to travel abroad this period if it can be avoided. Students have dramas at school or with teachers.
There are dramatic, life-changing events with the people at your place of worship. Often this kind of eclipse brings crises of faith and your fundamental beliefs about life and the meaning of life get tested.

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Horoscope Cancer April 2014

On the 14th, as Mercury moves eastward, the planetary shift to the East is confirmed. For the next six months or so you are in a period of personal independence. You can and should have things your own way, so long as you are not harming others. If others don’t go along with your plans you have the power and the wherewithal to go it alone if neces­sary. Now there are no excuses – personal happiness is in your hands.
The main headline this month is the power in your 10th house of career. It was strong last month and even stronger now, with 60 per cent of the planets moving through this house this month. This shows a lot of focus and lot of activ­ity. Pay rises could have happened last month and can still happen now – the 14th to the 20th seems a likely time for this. Bosses, elders and parent figures are supporting your financial goals. As we mentioned, it is not always a literal pay rise that happens: earnings can be increased in more covert kinds of ways.
This is a very successful month. Generally a focus on the career detracts from family life, but not so for you. The family seems very supportive – actually pushing and promoting your career goals.
Finances are good this month too. Avoid speculations at the beginning of the month. Be more careful with debt and read all the small print attached to any loans you take out. A child or child figure in your life could create some sudden expense at this time. However, these are small, short-term bumps on the road. Prosperity is strong. The Moon on the 10th brings career opportunity and financial increase. It will also clarify career issues as the month progresses.
Health still needs attention until the 19th so keep in mind our discussion of this last month. Health and energy will improve dramatically after that date.
The planetary momentum is mostly forward and the Sun is in Aries, the best starting energy of the zodiac. If you have new projects or products to release, this is the month to do it. The Moon of the 10th is the best time, but anytime until the 25th is good.
A child or child figure in your life is enduring a stressful period. He or she seems rebellious and difficult to handle. Have patience here. He or she could use more attention as well. A Lunar Eclipse on the 25th reinforces this. Do your best to keep children or children figures out of harm’s way. Reduced your schedule if possible – both yours and that of the children.
Love seems more challenging after the 19th. Perhaps there are financial disagreements with the beloved, or perhaps your career focus is detracting from the romance. None of these is the real reason: the beloved is just more stressed out and perhaps more irritable after the 19th.

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Horoscope Cancer March 2014

The planets are still mostly in the upper half of your chart, and on the 20th you enter a yearly career peak. Go for gold now. Focus on the career. Family issues don’t need much attention now. In fact the family is supporting your outer ambitions. There is much success happening. Pay rises (either overt or achieved more subtly) are happening. Your good professional reputation helps the bottom line. This will be a prosperous month. Elders, bosses, parents or parent figures are not only supporting your career, but your finan­cial goals as well.
This career focus could stress your health if you allow it. Health becomes more delicate after the 20th as at least half, and sometimes more, of the planets will be in stressful align­ment with you after that date. Give the career all the atten­tion it needs, but do it in a way that maximizes your energy. Take breaks when you feel tired. Let go of the trivia in your life. Integrate a health regime into your work schedule and get massages as often as you can.
This month the planets will make an important shift from the Western sector, where they have been so far this year, to the East. The shift will begin on the 20th but will become more established next month. Thus you are entering a cycle of personal independence. Other people are always impor­tant, but they become less so these days. Your own personal initiative and personal abilities are what matter now. Hopefully over the past few months you’ve noted the condi­tions that irk you. Now over the coming months it is time to make changes, to create your conditions as you desire them to be. You have more personal control than usual.
Mercury has been retrograde since February 23, and this continues until the 17th of this month. This affects your spiritual intuition. It needs more verification this period. Intuition is always right, but sometimes the human mind does not interpret it correctly. This is the main problem now. Also, take more care in communicating. Make sure that you say what you mean and that others get the real message. The reverse is also true. In your chart, the retrograde of Mercury affects you more than the average person. Mercury is not only the generic ruler of communication, but in your chart is the actual Lord. So be patient when phone calls are missed, or computers act up, or letters don’t get delivered. These are typical phenomena. You just have to be philo­sophical about these things.
Your spouse, partner or current love seems more gener­ous on the 1st and 2nd. He or she has a nice payday. Important financial changes are happening from the 27th to the 30th – some shock or surprise. It’s a very short-term issue and you will handle it. Parents or parent figures need to drive more carefully from the 18th to the 21st and also need to avoid risky kinds of activities. There may be shake-ups in your corporate hierarchy (or industry) over that period as well.

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Horoscope Cancer February 2014

The planetary momentum is overwhelmingly forward this month. Until the 18th ALL the planets are moving forward, which is highly unusual. The pace of life is faster. Results happen more quickly. Thus it is a good period for launching new ventures or products into the world. From the 10th to the 18th – as the Moon waxes – would be the best time, but all month is basically good.
Your house of transformation is still powerful until the 18th, so review our discussion of this last month. Many of you are involved in personal transformation, personal rein­vention, and this is a good period to make progress here.
With Jupiter still in your spiritual 12th house, the spiri­tual life has been very important. Spiritual phenomena will increase this month as there are many planets in Pisces. Your already good psychic abilities increase even further. The dream life will be unusually active: take note of your dreams on the 6th and 7th as these seem especially signifi­cant.
The Water element – your native element – is very powerful this month from the 18th onwards. This is basically good for you. The world at large is more feeling oriented, more ‘touchy-feely’. Logic, rationality, matter little. It is the mood of the moment – the feeling – that is important. You are very comfortable with this.
On the 18th (and you will feel it before this) your 9th house becomes ultra powerful. Opportunities for foreign travel will come and they seem good. There is also travel related to the career from the 3rd to the 5th. Nice educa­tional opportunities will come and these should be taken. Your mind is more philosophically oriented; it easily grasps higher learning. This is a good period for students, especially those at college or at postgraduate level. It is also a period for religious and philosophical-type breakthroughs.
Love gets more complicated this month as your love planet goes retrograde on the 18th. You have experienced this many times in your life. Saturn retrogrades for a few months every year. This doesn’t stop your love life; it only slows it down a bit. Important love decisions should not be made for the next few months; it is a time for review and re-evaluation. But aside from this minor complication love seems good, especially after the 18th. Saturn is receiving beautiful aspects from many planets. Singles have many romantic opportunities and are dating more. Those of you who are married attend more parties and gatherings. It’s great to enjoy these things in a non-committal kind of way.
Finances are good this month and get even better after the 18th. The financial intuition is super after that date, and especially from the 19th to the 21st. Health is wonderful this month.

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Horoscope Cancer January 2014

You begin your year with 70 and sometimes 80 per cent of the planets in the social Western sector of the chart. Your 7th house of love is very powerful all month, but especially until the 19th. You are in the midst of a yearly social peak. Self-interest and personal desires are best downplayed; rela­tionships are the most important thing now. Though I doubt whether singles will marry this month, they are likely to meet people they would consider marrying. The aspects for actual marriage are much better later on in the year, in July and August. However, it looks like a sexually active kind of month. Libido is roaring.
Last month the planetary power made a shift from the lower to the upper half of your Horoscope. By the 10th the shift is complete – at least 80 per cent of the planets are above the horizon of your chart. So, though home and family are always important to you, you are in a period for focusing on the career and your outer worldly objectives. This is now the best way to serve your family. Your outer success will actually enhance your family life rather than detract from it.
Your social grace, your ability to get on with others, is important on the financial level. Your social connections are playing a huge, positive role in earnings until the 19th. You socialize with the people you do business with (and a lot of your social activity is business related), and like doing busi­ness with people you are friendly with. On the 19th the Sun moves into your 8th house of transformation and this shows that your spouse, partner or current love is entering a yearly financial peak. Thus he or she is likely to be more generous.
Your financial planet in the 8th house from the 19th onwards shows an ability to pay down or take on debt. Both happen relatively easy. It just depends on what your need is. A good financial detox is in order after the 19th. Get rid of excessive or wasteful expenses, extra bank accounts, extra credit cards and so forth. It is a time for prospering by ‘prun­ing’. Of course, necessities shouldn’t be pruned -just extra­neous things. It’s a good idea to go through the home and get rid of belongings – clothing or furniture – that you don’t use. Sell them or give them to charity. This will clear the channels for new supply to enter. Health is delicate until the 19th. Be sure to rest and relax more.

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Horoscope Cancer 2014

Horoscope & Astrology

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Horoscope Gemini December 2014

Mercury, the Lord of your Horoscope, seems in exile this month, especially from the 5th to the 24th. He is far, far away from his natural home. This more or less describes you. You are far from home, in strange circumstances and not as confi­dent as you normally are. Perhaps this is a good thing. With so many planets in the West, and with so much riding on the good graces of others, a little humility is in order now. It plays well socially. You seem very popular this month. Your 7th house of love is strong until the 21st and Mercury is in your house of love from the 5th to the 24th. This shows that you are going out of your way for others. You are putting the interests of others ahead of your own. You are a good friend to have these days. Others notice this and appreciate it.
Jupiter, your love planet, went retrograde on the 7th of last month. So social confidence is not what it should be -another reason that you are putting yourself out for others. The retrograde of Jupiter is not going to stop the social life -it only slows things down a bit. Singles will still date and have fun, but important love decisions are best delayed. On the 21st Venus will also start to retrograde (this is relatively rare, happening once every two years or so). Thus the two love planets in your chart will be retrograde at the same time. More caution in love (or with business partnerships) is called for. It might seem to you that your love life or current relationship is going backwards instead of forwards, but it is merely a ‘re-evaluation’ that is happening. A breather now might be a healthy thing. Regardless of the complications in your love life this seems a sexually active kind of month. Regardless of your age or stage in life, the libido is stronger than usual.
With the 8th house of transformation powerful after the 21st, your spouse, partner or current love is in a yearly financial peak and is likely to be more generous with you. This is a good period to pay down debt or to borrow if you need to. There is better access to outside capital this month.
Health still needs watching until the 21st. After that your natural health and vitality return.
There are some very dynamic aspects towards the end of the month, so avoid risk-taking activities then. Mars will be square to Uranus and Pluto (a very dynamic energy) from the 23rd to the 31st. And Mercury (your ruler) will be square to these planets from the 29th to the 31st and to the Sun on the 30th and 31st. Drive more carefully, and avoid arguments whenever possible. Watch the temper and be more mindful on the physical plane.

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Horoscope Gemini November 2014

This month, after the 22nd, the planetary power starts to shift to the upper half of the Horoscope. The shift won’t be complete until next month, but you start to feel the change after the 22nd. Hopefully, you have got your family and emotional life in order, as it is now time to focus on your outer life – your career and outer world goals.
The situation at work continues to be unstable. Probably there are many layoffs at your company and perhaps other changes in the workplace. Uranus’ square to your work planet is still very exact. A Solar Eclipse in your 6th house of work is also signalling job changes and upheavals at the workplace. Have no fear though: your overall career is not affected, it is still blossoming this month.
The Solar Eclipse of the 3rd will test cars and communica­tion equipment. Every Solar Eclipse tends to have this effect as the Sun is your communication planet. It brings dramatic events in the lives of siblings, sibling figures and neighbours. Often there are disruptions in your neighbourhood. Letters don’t get mailed or get sent to the wrong address. Glitches at the post office or with your email are normal under a Solar Eclipse. This eclipse impacts on Saturn, the ruler of your 8th house of transformation. Thus it brings dramatic financial changes in your spouse or partner’s finances. It can also bring encounters with death (generally on the psychological level). Sometimes people have dreams about death. Some­times someone they know dies and there are funerals to attend. Sometimes it is an actual near-death kind of experi­ence. The purpose here is to gain a deeper understanding of death so that life can be lived better.
Inheritance has been in your chart since June 27 and it is in the chart again this month. Hopefully no one needs to actually die. It can indicate that you are named in someone’s will, or receive a trust fund or insurance payment.
On the 22nd you enter a yearly love and social peak. The unattached are likely to meet someone special. Those already attached should have more romance within the rela­tionship. In general there will be more going out, more parties and more social interaction.
Health becomes more delicate after the 22nd. There’s nothing serious afoot, it’s just not one of your best periods. Earning power will be strong all month, but especially from the 3rd to the 17th.

Horoscope & Astrology

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Horoscope Gemini October 2014

There is much power in the Water element this month. There will always be at least half of the planets in Water signs, and at times up to 70 per cent of them. Keep in mind our previous discussions of this. Be more mindful of the sensitivities of others (this month they are likely to be hypersensitive). When the Water element is this strong people become nostalgic and sentimental. Moods override logic. At times like this clear thinkers such as you are more needed than ever. A dose of rational thinking (communi­cated in a sensitive way) is what the world needs right now.
The Grand Square in the heavens that we mentioned last month is still in effect until the 23rd. This presages a hectic, active period – personally, for the beloved, for friends and for the world at large. Big things are manifesting now. But, like last month, you still manage to have fun in spite of the hectic pace. You are still in one of your yearly personal plea­sure peaks until the 23rd.
There is a Lunar Eclipse on the 18th that occurs in your 11th house of friendship. Basically the eclipse is benign to you, but it might not be so benign to the people around you, so it’s best to take things a bit easier. As always, do what needs to be done, but re-schedule what you can, especially if the activities promise to be stressful. This eclipse brings financial changes, which will turn out well in the long run. It brings dramas in the lives of friends and friendships can be tested. This eclipse impacts on Jupiter, your love planet, so your current relationship has a brief rough spot. The beloved will likely be more temperamental so be patient. Don’t take things too personally. Basically there is harmony between you and the beloved and you will get through this period.
The situation at work still seems highly unstable. This has been the case all year, but now it seems particularly intense. Uranus’ square to Pluto, your work planet, is very exact now. The good news is that you are very focused on work all month and so you seem willing to overcome all the various challenges and changes. Job seekers have excellent aspects all month, but especially after the 23rd. In spite of all the instability at work, the overall career seems very good. The career trends that we have been discussing for the past few months are still in effect.
Health is good this month. Also you seem more focused here, giving it a lot of attention. Your state of health dramati­cally impacts on your personal appearance these days and this is not always the case, so staying healthy does more for your looks than all the perfumes and cosmetics in the world. This seems the reason for the focus – not ill health.

Horoscope & Astrology

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