Horoscope Libra September 2014

Last month on the 16th when Venus entered your sign, a Grand Square formed in the heavens – a rare aspect. This Grand Square becomes even stronger this month as more short-term planets enter the picture, indicating a hectic, hyperactive month ahead. Things are complicated. Many competing interests have to be balanced. The least little disturbance can crash the edifice that you’re trying to build. You are involved in some big, big project. Happily, health is much better now than it has been in the past few months so you have the energy to handle all this activity. However, don’t fall for the illusion that if you push yourself when you’re tired you’ll get more done. The reverse is more likely. When tired, rest. Take a break. When you feel rested, go back to what you were doing.
The planets are now in their maximum Eastern position this month. This means that personal independence is at its maximum for the year. So make use of this. If there are conditions that you don’t like, that are uncomfortable, take the bull by the horns and make the changes.
On the 22nd, as the Sun crosses the Ascendant, you enter a yearly personal pleasure peak. So pamper yourself a little. Librans don’t need lectures from me about pampering; they know very well how to do this. This is a time to get the body and image the way you want it to be, to buy the clothing and accessories you need, to get those massages and mani­cures, and to look the success that you are.
Love seems complicated this month. You and the beloved are on different pages after the 11th and not in agreement.
But Libra knows how to bridge these conflicts – there is no one out there who can do this better than you. Love oppor­tunities happen through friends, groups and group activities. The online world, social networking sites and dating sites also seem good for love. Even if you are in a relationship, much of it is happening online.
Finances are still stressful, but you seem more focused on them after the 11th and this is a help. You are giving this area the attention and focus that is needed and this tends to success.
On the 22nd, the planetary power shifts from the upper half to the lower half of the Horoscope. By now you have achieved your important career goals. Sure, there is always more to achieve, but now it is good to focus on your home, family and emotional wellbeing. Now it is time to create the psychological infrastructure for future career success. Career is still excellent this month. There are job opportunities too. But now you can be more choosy. You need a career that allows for emotional harmony and which doesn’t overly stress the family.
Venus makes fabulous aspects to Jupiter on the 27th and 28th. This brings a nice payday and luck in speculations.

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Horoscope Libra August 2014

Like the last two months, the element of Water is still strong. Good feeling is wonderful, but there is still a need for ration­ality. You and the other Air signs are the ones to supply it these days.
In spite of your success, finances still seem stressed. However, they will get easier from the 22nd onwards. I won’t say they’ll be great, but they will improve. It is still good to focus on the career and boost your professional status. The financial increase from this will happen down the road, not right away. Your financial planet has been retrograde since April and will be retrograde for the rest of the month. In finance, the most important thing is mental clarity. This is what you need to work for. Do your home­work and get the facts. Clarity will come eventually and then it will be safer to make important moves. In the mean­time it is good to manage what you have in a better way.
On June 21 the planetary power made an important shift from the Western, social sector, to the Eastern sector of the self. You are basically comfortable when the planets are in the West – gaining the good graces of others is your strong point. You handle this better than most. But now you have a more difficult lesson. The planetary power is flowing towards you. Your happiness, your success is up to you now. Your personal merit, your personal abilities, rather than who you know, are what are important now. It’s time to develop some independence and act from what you think is right, to create conditions according to your personal specifications.
You have been in a spiritual period ever since July 23 when Venus entered your 12th house. This month the spir­ituality gets even stronger as the Sun and Mercury enter this house too. This is a time to achieve spiritual-type goals, to focus more on your spiritual practice, to get more involved in charity and altruistic causes, and to clear the inner block­ages to the flow of the Higher Power. Librans are basically party people, but now you feel a need for more solitude. There’s nothing wrong with you – it’s just natural when the 12th house of spirituality is strong. Spiritual activities are always solitary experiences. You can be in a group or attend­ing a prayer service or meditation seminar, but the inner experience will always be something personal to you. The growth that happens now will be interior, but still very powerful.
You have been very much in the world for the past few months, very focused on your outer life, and this was good. But now it’s time to collect yourself, to feel your own aura, and receive guidance and inspiration from above. Health is much improved this month, but still needs watching.

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Horoscope Libra July 2014

Like last month, career is the major headline. Your 10th house is easily the strongest in the Horoscope all month. Push forward boldly to your goals. Shoot for the moon. Lady Luck is with you and you are catching the breaks. Students are also doing well this month, attaining their goals.
Last month on the 21st the Water element became very strong. You experienced this in February and March as well. While this will produce a comfortable ‘era of good feeling’ – we have a Grand Trine in the water signs – it also makes everyone more sensitive and easily hurt, so be mindful about this. Another issue (and this is a bit more difficult to handle) is that rationality and logic are out. Only the feeling of the moment matters. Everyone goes with their feelings. This isn’t so easy for an Air sign such as yourself to handle. But don’t get too swept up in all this; now is the time when rationality is most needed.
A parent or parent figure is prospering these days. He or she lacked direction for quite a few months, but that is chang­ing now as your family planet starts to move forward on the 8th. He or she is having spiritual kinds of breakthroughs now and this is helping. You seem in conflict with this parent figure but it is short term and passes after the 23rd.
Your spouse, partner or current love also seems successful this period, especially after the 18th. Last month you were calling the shots in love, but now it seems to be the beloved’s turn. Love is more delicate this month. There is more insta­bility than usual after the 18th. The good news is that you are making love a great priority – almost like your career -and this can help keep things together. Your spouse, partner or current love seems active in your own career, helping and supporting you.
Singles find love opportunities in religious or educational settings until the 18th, and perhaps in foreign countries or with foreigners. After the 18th singles find romance as they pursue their normal career goals and with people who are involved in their career. There are romantic opportunities with bosses and superiors. In general there is much socializ­ing with high and important people. The career seems the centre of your social life, and you are working to integrate your social life with your career.
Your love planet travels with Jupiter from the 18th onwards, and the conjunction is especially exact from the 19th to the 24th. This is an especially very romantic period. Singles will meet a special someone. Those in a rela­tionship will have more romance within it, and the spouse, partner or current love prospers that period.
Moves or renovations of the home could still happen this month. It might be necessary because of your new career position.
Like last month, health is delicate until the 22nd. The problem is that you’re so busy you find it difficult to slow down, even though you need it. However, you’ll discover that if you push yourself when you are tired, you don’t really accomplish more – you just tend to make mistakes. Rest when tired and then go back to your work.

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Horoscope Libra June 2014

Your 9th house became powerful on May 20 and is still powerful until June 21. The 9th House is considered the most fortunate of all the houses by the Hindu astrologers. Here in the west we consider it fortunate, but not necessarily the most fortunate. Power in the 9th house brings travel and travel opportunities, and also good opportunities for higher education. It’s a very nice aspect for students at the college level, or who are applying for college. There is good news on that front. It is also fortunate for legal matters. When this house is powerful our ‘Higher’ mind is activated. We are more in touch with it consciously or subconsciously. Thus it is time for religious and philosophical breakthroughs – many ‘aha’ moments will happen this month. The mental horizons expand, and when this happens, the whole life expands.
When the 9th house is powerful we want more meaning in life. People become more interested in a good juicy theo­logical discussion than a night out on the town. The advent of a visiting guru or minister is often more exciting than that of a rock star. We discover the great pleasures in the mind under a powerful 9th house transit. In fact, you have been experiencing these things all year, but this month (and last month) more so than ever.
On the 21st many important things happen. First, you enter a yearly career peak. The planets are at the ‘highest’, most elevated position in your Horoscope. There is much career progress happening and many good opportunities. New jobs or job offers are coming. On the 27th Jupiter crosses the Mid-heaven and enters your 10th house of career. This adds to the success. It brings rises, promotions, honours and recognition and initiates a year-long cycle of career success and elevation. So focus on the career now.
In the short term, all this success doesn’t seem to help the finances – perhaps it even puts more stress on them. Sometimes career elevation requires outlays of money, for clothing, for new equipment, for memberships in the appro­priate organizations. The home might need upgrading too. Make all the investments necessary though it might be stressful. If you shift things around, you will find that you have the resources you need. A move could be happening now, or in the coming months. Health needs more watching after the 21st.

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Horoscope Libra May 2014

Two eclipses this month are going to shatter many obstacles and obstructions on your career path. While they happen the events are not usually pleasant, but the end result will be good. Some obstructions need dramatic medicine and these are supplied by the eclipses. The stage is being set this month for career success – the next act of the play will begin next month.
The Solar Eclipse of May 10 occurs in your 8th house, so do reduce your schedule and avoid unnecessary risk-taking or stress. This kind of eclipse brings encounters (generally psychological) with death. Sometimes it brings near-death kinds of experiences or surgery. There is a need to under­stand death and to overcome one’s fear of it. When this happens, we will live better and more fully. This eclipse brings dramatic events to the lives of friends. They too can have some encounters with death, and they too should take life a bit easier. Children or children figures in the life, of appropriate age, have their relationships or marriages tested. Computers and electronic equipment are more tempera­mental now. Sometimes they need replacement. It would be good to invest in better anti-virus or anti-hacking software.
The Lunar Eclipse of the 25th is basically benign to you, but it won’t hurt to take an easier kind of schedule. This eclipse impacts strongly on Neptune, your planet of health and work. Thus there are job changes, career changes, shake-ups in your company or industry, and dramas in the lives of bosses, parents or parent figures. Stay calm through all this – your career is going to be great. This is just stage setting. This eclipse occurs in your 3rd house of communica­tion, so drive more carefully this period. Cars and communi­cation equipment will get tested. If there are flaws, now is the time that you find out about them so that you can make corrections. Important changes are happening in the health regime and diet as well.
Finances are still good (in relative terms) this period. There are still many changes, many challenges and much re­organization going on. The feeling of insecurity is still there. From the metaphysical perspective, this is your main chal­lenge – to develop more faith, to cultivate the feeling of security. Meditation will be a big help here.
Health is reasonable this month. But keep in mind that two powerful long-term planets are still in stressful align­ment. Happily the short-term planets are leaving you alone early on in the month and making good aspects after the 20th.
Venus travels with Saturn from the 27th to the 29th – a very good aspect for you. You could be getting a new car or communication equipment. There is travel this period, either foreign or domestic, and this also seems happy. It also brings a nice payday and luck in speculations.

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Horoscope Libra April 2014

Finances are still stressful, but who cares? As long as love is going well, Libra is good. This is what life is all about. As long as Libra is in the ‘feeling’ of love, everything else will work out. You are still in a yearly love and social peak until the 19th. Romance is happening for singles – the 14th to the 20th seems especially good. Even children of an appropriate age seem romantically involved now. Love has been exciting for some years now, but this month even more so. Romance can happen anywhere at any time, in the most unexpected places or situations. The only problem in love is the stability of these things. Lightning flashes light up a dark sky, but they fade out very quickly. You have many lightning flashes these days, and seem content to wait for the next one when one dies out. Librans are much more popular than usual this period. You are really going out of your way for others (and especially the beloved) and this is appreciated – if not outwardly, it is inwardly.
Finances will improve after the 19th. In fact, this period -from the 19th onwards – is one of your most prosperous periods this year. (Your yearly financial peak will happen in October-November, but now is almost as good.) You are making very dramatic financial changes these days and this brings feelings of insecurity. A Lunar Eclipse on the 25th in your money house reinforces what we are saying here. Yes, there are financial bumps, but the end result is prosperity. The Lunar Eclipse also shows career changes happening.
Health needs more watching until the 19th. Like last month, many short-term planets are in stressful alignment with you. Your overall energy is not up to its usual standards and thus there is greater vulnerability to problems. Review our discussion of last month. Health and vitality will improve dramatically after the 19th, and if you’ve been having health problems you should hear good news after this date. Librans of the appropriate age are still fertile until the 19th.
Your family planet Saturn is still retrograde and most of the planets are still above the horizon. So continue to focus on your career and outer objectives. The Moon of the 10th brings career opportunities though friends or the current love. It’s good to further your career goals by social means that day. A conflict with a family member from the 20th to the 23rd is short lived – don’t make long-term judge­ments based on this.
Your 8th house of transformation becomes powerful after the 19th, initiating a sexually active period, regardless of your age and stage in life. The beloved enters a yearly finan­cial peak and will be more generous with you. It is easier to borrow if you need to.

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Horoscope Libra March 2014

Saturn, your family planet, went retrograde on the 18th of last month and will be retrograde for many more months. Now is the time to review your home and family situation with a view to making improvements. Important decisions in these matters should be delayed now. Wait for mental clarity to happen first. Things are not the way they seem. Take your time here.
In a way it is good that your family planet is retrograde now, for on the 20th the planets will begin to shift from the lower half to the upper half of the Horoscope. The shift will be more complete next month, but you are feeling it now. It’s time to let go of family issues and focus on the career and the outer goals. Dawn is breaking in your year. It’s time to be up and about; time to make those dreams manifest through personal effort.
You still have excellent aspects for starting new projects. After this month, the aspects become less favourable, so, if you haven’t yet started your new project, now is the time. The period from the 11th to the 27th is best.
On the 20th you enter a yearly love and social peak. You are in the Elysian Fields for a Libran – the place of ultimate joy. It is a very active social month. There is someone you seem to be pursuing. Perhaps you haven’t caught him or her yet, but it seems that you will. The only problem is the continued instability in the love life. Even when you make the catch, how long will it last? It doesn’t seem to matter much to you at the moment. It’s the adrenalin rush of the conquest that is enjoyable.
Libras of child-bearing age enter another period of fertility after the 20th. This will be the maximum for the year ahead.
Health needs more watching after the 20th, when 50 and sometimes 60 per cent of the planets are in stressful align­ment. Be sure to rest and relax more and maintain high energy levels. Spend more time in a health spa and get massages and the other treatments they offer. Especially try to relax more on the 20th and 21st.
Finances become more stressful after the 20th. You just have to work harder to attain your financial goals. Medita­tion on the affluence of God will be powerful and will allevi­ate much of the stress.
Mars is conjunct to Uranus from the 18th to the 21st. You and your spouse, partner or current love need to avoid risky kinds of activity. Avoid losing your temper, avoid confronta­tions and drive more carefully.

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Horoscope Libra February 2014

The aspects for starting new projects or ventures or for launching new products are even better this month than last month. The solar cycles, both personal and universal, are waxing. The planetary momentum is even more forward than last month – all the planets are moving forward. Thus, if you are planning these things, this is the time. The 10th to the 18th is the best period in the coming month.
Last month on the 19th, your 5th house of fun, creativity and children became powerful. This is a time to explore the rapture side of life; a time to create and build up your forces for later on. Personal fertility is at the maximum for the year right now.
This is not a year for speculations. Some years are like that. But this month, until the 18th, is one of the best peri­ods in the year for this. You seem luckier. You are also more involved with children this period, either your own or others’. You get on with them better. They gravitate to you more. Those of you in the creative arts (and many Librans are) have enhanced creativity now. The creative juices are stronger than usual.
Love wasn’t serious last month, nor does it seem serious this month. However, you don’t seem to mind and you seem active in that department. On the 2nd your love planet, Mars, enters your 6th house. This indicates opportunities for the office romance. There are also romantic opportunities with health professionals in general, or with those who are involved with your health. The 3rd to the 5th seems espe­cially strong for this. Singles are likely to meet someone they consider their ‘ideal’ during this period. But of course one must look deeper: he or she could also be your biggest illu­sion. Love is spiritual this month – idealistic and very tender. There is a great desire to serve the beloved. He or she will certainly appreciate this. Spiritual milieus are also scenes for romance or romantic meetings.
On the 18th, your 6th house of health becomes powerful, and so you are more focused here. This is a wonderful thing. Health is much better than in 2012 or 2013, but still pays watching. Spiritual healing has become very important ever since Neptune moved into your 6th house last year, but this month it is even more important. Mercury, your spiritual planet, also moves into this house on the 5th and stays there for the rest of the month. Apply the spiritual techniques you have learned now and you will get good results.
Finances will be better, easier, after the 18th. There are wonderful job opportunities out there for job seekers this period. Those who employ others seem to attract good qual­ity employees as well.

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Horoscope Libra January 2014

You begin the year with between 70 and 80 per cent of the planets below the horizon. Your 4th house of home and family is jam packed with planets, while your 10th house of career is empty (only the Moon moves through here on the 24th and 25th). This is a very clear message. Career matters can be let go of. Keep the focus on the home, family and emotional life. This is a time to set up the interior infrastruc­ture for future success. Career is going to be very powerful in six months’ time, but now is the time to get emotionally ready for this success. If you are not ready emotionally, the success will be fleeting.
With the 4th house strong you have more ‘psychic’ energy available to you. Physically, this is not your best period, and you need to rest and relax more until the 19th. But psychically, emotionally, you are very strong now. Your moods are more intense than usual, and it’s very important to keep them positive and constructive. You can use this enhanced psychic energy to your advantage this month. In a quiet mood, picture yourself at your highest point of success. Get into the feeling of this (and it will be easier to do this period). Live in this feeling as long as possible. This will actually create future tangible success later on. You might not see it immediately on the physical level, but you will see it eventually, if you persist.
You are in a personal waxing solar cycle this month. Also on a universal level, since December 21, the Sun is in its waxing yearly phase. Thus you are in an excellent period for starting new projects or launching new products into the world. The planetary momentum is very much forward as well, further increasing the favourability. The 11th to the 27th (as the Moon is also waxing) is the best time for start­ing things this month.
Last month, on the 21st, the planets shifted from the Eastern to the Western sector of your chart. This is actually your best sector. It is the sector of other people, of relation­ships – and Libra more than any other sign understands the importance of the ‘likeability’ factor in life. You get the opportunity to exercise your social genius even more and to develop it further.
This is not your best financial year. As we mentioned, there is a lot of re-organization happening. But this month you are in one of your best financial periods. Your financial planet gets much positive stimulation. Earnings should increase. There is support from the family and family connections. There are opportunities to earn money from home, and there is a nice payday from the 15th to the 18th. Libras of child-bearing age are more fertile this month and next month.

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Horoscope Libra 2014

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