Horoscope Leo August 2014

You are still in the midst of a yearly personal pleasure peak, so this is a fun month – Leo heaven. Health is super and you have the energy of ten people. Even older Leos have more energy than usual. You look good, and self-confidence and self-esteem are at their peak for the year. Continue to create your life and the conditions of life as you desire them to be. The world will adapt to you these days.
The job situation seems stressful and perhaps unstable this month, but job opportunities abound for you. Your financial planet Mercury crosses your Ascendant on the 8th and enters your sign. This shows prosperity. Financial wind­falls come and you spend more on yourself. Your personal appearance seems important financially and thus you spend on this.
On the 22nd you enter a yearly financial peak. Prosperity is happening and from the 8th to the 24th there is luck in speculations. Your spouse, partner or current love is also prospering, although you need to work harder to create financial harmony between you after the 24th. This is a good month to fund your investment accounts and make financial plans for the future.
Last month on the 22nd, the planetary power started to shift from the upper half of your chart to the lower half. This month the shift is complete and by the end of the month 60 per cent of the planets will be in the lower half of the chart. Thus it is time to start focusing on the family, the home and the emotional life and less on the career. This is a time for working on the career by interior methods such as visualiza­tions, to create the inner conditions for future career success.
The beloved needs to drive more defensively on the 1st and 2nd. He or she could be more temperamental that period, so show more patience. Children or children figures in your life need to avoid risky activities from the 4th to the 13th and from 18th to the 25th. Do your best to keep them out of harm’s way. Daredevil-type stunts need to be avoided. This is not a time for speculations either. A good educational or travel opportunity comes after the 28th.

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Horoscope Cancer October 2014

Every Lunar Eclipse affects you strongly. The Moon rules your chart and is a very important planet for you. But the Lunar Eclipse of the 18th is stronger than most, and certainly stronger than the ones in April and May. It makes stressful aspects to you so be sure to reduce your commit­ments that period. Spend more quiet time at home. Parents, parent figures and children also need to take things easy. This eclipse occurs in your 10th house of career (which also rules bosses, authority figures, parents or parent figures), thus there are career changes afoot and shake-ups in your company or industry. This eclipse also impacts on Jupiter, your work planet, so job changes are also afoot. There are important financial changes that need to be made as well and the eclipse forces the issue.
Since health is more delicate, there could be a health scare – especially if you’re not on top of things. Every Lunar Eclipse forces you to redefine your image, personality and self-concept. This one is no different. You are in the process (and eclipse phenomena are in effect for six months) of projecting a new image into the world, a new you. Health and energy will improve from the 23rd onwards. But until then rest and relax more.
Though the planetary power is below the horizon, there are many good career opportunities happening this month, especially after the 23rd. Some of these could have happened last month as well. But as we mentioned, you can be more choosy now. Choose the opportunity that is most ‘family friendly’ and most emotionally comfortable.
On the 23rd, the Sun enters your 5th house and you enter another yearly personal pleasure peak. This is a time for recreation and fun, and for enjoying your children (or the children figures) in your life. There is a sort of ‘good go lucky’ attitude to life. Finances are super and you have the wherewithal to have fun – and probably expensive-type fun too. There is luck in speculations. More importantly, you are earning money in good ways and enjoying your wealth. Not everyone can say this. There is an opportunity for a business partnership or joint venture after the 23rd too. (This can also happen next month.) Financial opportunity and increase can happen as you are having fun at some resort, or at the theatre or a party.
The love life continues to be good. Astrologically speak­ing, you couldn’t ask for better love aspects than what you have after the 23rd. Foreign travel is also likely, only keep in mind that your travel planet is still retrograde so there are likely to be delays and glitches here. On the 21st Mercury also goes retrograde. Thus, the two planets that rule travel in your Horoscope are retrograde at the same time. Best sched­ule your trips before the 21st.

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Horoscope Aries January 2014

You begin your year with 70 per cent and sometimes 80 per cent of the planets above the horizon in the upper part of the Horoscope. Your 10th career house is very powerful all month, but especially until the 19th. You are in the midst of a yearly career peak. You are in the noon time of your year. Focus on the career and your outer, worldly objectives. You can safely let go of home and family issues for a while. You can best serve your family by succeeding in the outer world. This is a month of great career progress: pay rises and promotions are likely.
Last month the planets began to shift from the Western, social, sector of your chart to the Eastern sector. This month, on the 19th, the shift is even stronger. The Eastern, independent, sector is now dominant. As our regular readers know, this is a time to take charge of your destiny, to shape conditions and circumstances the way you want them to be to create your personal nirvana. You have the power to do it now. Others will most likely go along with you, but if not, you can go it alone. After six or so months with the planets in the West, where you were forced to adapt to situations, you can readily see what needs changing and can now set about fixing things.
During this month 90 per cent of the planets are in forward motion, and by the end of the month ALL the planets will be forward. So this is a fast-paced kind of month and you should see rapid progress towards your goals.
This is a very good month for both love and money. Venus, both your financial planet and your love planet, is in Sagittarius until the 19th. This indicates increased earnings, luck in speculations and a generally upbeat attitude to finance. Sure, there are some problems, but you have the faith and the confidence to deal with them. After the 19th Venus crosses the Mid-heaven and moves into your 10th house of career. This shows pay raises. Financial opportunity comes from your good professional reputation and from the financial favour of bosses, elders and authority figures -perhaps even from the government. If you have issues with the government it might be advisable to handle them after the 19th. The financial planet in Capricorn after the 19th indicates a sound financial judgement, a good long-term perspective on finance. Before the 19th you are a free spender, perhaps an impulse spender. Afterwards you seem more responsible.
Your spouse or current love is making dramatic financial changes these days. He or she seems stressed. You seem the bigger earner right now. For singles there are love opportunities in foreign lands and in educational or religious-type settings. Until the 19th you are impulsive in love, but caution and perhaps testing will come after the 19th. The question is, can you restrain your ardour while your love planet is in Capricorn?
Health is good overall, but this is not one of your best months. Rest and relax more until the 19th. Happily you seem focused more on health this month and this is good news.

Horoscope & Astrology

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Horoscope Aquarius December 2014

On October 23 the planetary power began to move to the East. Now the shift is growing stronger. You are in a period of personal independence and this will become even stronger in the coming months. The cosmos aims for a balanced develop­ment. Sometimes self-reliance and personal initiative is important. Sometimes we need to put the interests of others ahead of our own. Neither position is absolutely correct all the time. We cannot act on behalf of others unless we are strong and self-reliant. This is a time to exercise your personal power and create the life that you want to live. It seems selfish – you mind your own business and take care of number one. But when number one is satisfied, you will be more effective for others. It is a matter of emphasis.
Last month on the 22nd, your 11th house became power­ful, and it is still powerful until the 21st. This is Aquarian heaven. You get to do all the things you most love to do and that you are good at doing. This spells a successful month.
The 11th house is about friendship, groups and group activities. It is a social kind of month, but not the social that we associate with the 7th house of love. This house is about friendships of the mind; the 7th house is about friendships of the heart. The 11th house is about uncommitted kinds of relationships. Everyone is free. No one is beholden to any­one. You get together with people of similar interests and mind sets, you enjoy each other’s company, network, and go home to your normal activities. The connections are mental, not emotional.
With your love planet Venus in the 11th house until the 21st, these friendships of the mind have the potential to go further. Perhaps a relationship starts that way but ends up being much more. Groups and group activities are the venue for romance until the 21st. Review our discussion of this last month.
The 11th house is associated with technology, another Aquarian strength. This is a good month to expand your knowledge in this area. The speed of change is breathtaking these days and there’s always more to learn.
This has been a year of spiritual progress for you, and after the 21st there is more in store. This is a spiritual period, and spiritual-type activities – meditation, prayer, charity work – all prosper this period. Even love comes to you as you pursue your spiritual path, in spiritual venues and with spiritual people. However, love is a bit tense this period. Be more patient with the current love.

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Horoscope Aquarius November 2014

Career is still the main headline this month. The instability and volatility are coming to a head now. A Solar Eclipse on the 3rd occurs in your career house. Something is about to blow – the rumblings of the past year now reach a climax. It is not just your personal career that is changing, but the company and industry as well. Try not to make matters worse. Whatever happens, you still have excellent job prospects this month and for the rest of the year ahead. Be more patient with bosses, parents and parent figures; dramas are happening in their lives. These people need to avoid risky kinds of activities this period.
Love, too, is being tested by this eclipse. This doesn’t necessarily mean a divorce or break up, and good relation­ships survive these things. However, flawed ones tend to dissolve (explode is more like it). The cosmos desires the best for you (and for the current love), so anything less than perfect tends to get exploded by the eclipse. This eclipse also impacts on Saturn, your spiritual planet. Thus there are changes in your spiritual attitudes and practice. The guru-mentor figures in your life have dramatic experiences and there are upheavals in a charity or spiritual organization you are involved with. Saturn gives us our sense of security and stability, thus during this period you feel less secure – your routine of life is disrupted. This will pass and you will form a better routine, but in the meantime it is uncomfortable.
You are still in a yearly career peak. Thus you are very focused here. In spite of all the challenges and crises, you are basically succeeding – but earning everything by the ‘sweat of the brow’.
Health became more delicate last month, and is still deli­cate until the 22nd. A reduced schedule is called for, espe­cially during the eclipse period. Enhance the health in the ways mentioned in the yearly report. You are going to be very busy, but schedule in rest periods where ever possible.
In spite of all the challenges, your finances are still excel­lent. Prosperity is untouched by all the turmoil. Your finan­cial planet will start moving forward on the 18th, which is another good sign. Mental clarity is happening. After the 18th it will be safer to set new financial plans into motion. There is some financial disagreement with the beloved from the 22nd to the 26th, but it passes quickly.
Love will improve after the 22nd. There is harmony with the beloved. Those not in a relationship will meet romantic partners – the 30th looks especially good for that. Make an effort to project more love and warmth to others from the 4th to the 7th. You could be appearing ‘cold’ without realiz­ing it. On the 22nd your love planet moves into the 11th house of friends, indicating love opportunities online through social networking sites or dating services. It also shows romantic opportunities that happen as you get involved with groups and organizations. Since October 23 you have been attracted by ‘power people’ – power was the great aphrodisiac for you. But from the 22nd onwards, you want friendship with the beloved – a friend not a boss.

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Horoscope Aquarius October 2014

There are many changes happening this month a hectic, hyperactive period. There is a Lunar Eclipse on the 18th that occurs in your 3rd house of communication. Cars and communication equipment will get tested. Drive more carefully that period. Be more patient with siblings or sibling figures: they are apt to be more temperamental. Life-changing events are happening for them. Every Lunar Eclipse tends to bring job changes and changes in the health regime and this one is no different. Those who employ others can have employee turnover at this time. Sometimes it is not literal turnover, but dramatic events in the lives of employees. Be more patient with them now. Long-buried resentments are likely to surface for correction.
This eclipse affects Jupiter, your planet of friends, so friendships are getting tested. Friends are more tempera­mental and can exhibit strange behaviour. Have patience. Your hi-tech gadgetry gets tested too and is apt to behave in temperamental kinds of ways. The dynamic energies gener­ated by an eclipse often affect physical things. Sometimes the problems are just temporary, but sometimes equipment needs replacement.
The other headline this month is the career. This is hyper­active and very volatile. The hierarchy of your company and industry seems unstable and the rules of the game can change dramatically. The good news is that you are very focused on the career this month, especially after the 23rd. You enter a yearly career peak then. You are focused here and this focus tends to success. You are willing to deal with all the various challenges that arise. Relations with a boss could be a lot better, and the same is true with a parent or parent figure in your life. Relations with government are also not so great. If you have issues here, try to re-schedule meetings for a better time; postpone them for as long as possible.
The love situation is pretty much as we described last month. There is still much distance between you and the beloved. He or she seems to be in charge and calling the shots, and sometimes this is difficult to handle. On the other hand, he or she is supportive of your career goals. The tension in love is reduced after the 22nd, but you are still very distant with the beloved. It’s as if you live two separate lives.
In spite of all the challenges, you are prospering. Finances are good all month, but especially after the 22nd. The beloved seems very supportive financially, friends too. The money is coming in, but you still need to work on your mental clarity. Your financial planet is still retrograde.

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Horoscope Aquarius September 2014

On July 22 the planetary power began to shift from the lower half to the upper half of your Horoscope. The trend became even stronger on August 28 as Mars crossed from the lower to the upper half. Hopefully in the past few months you’ve got your home base in some kind of order and you are in your point of emotional harmony. Now you can shift your energy to your outer, career goals.
Career changes have been brewing all year and are very likely to happen in the coming months. The family seems more supportive of your career goals after the 11th. The status of the family as a whole seems elevated after the 11th as well. Family is still ultra-important these days, but you can best serve them by succeeding in the outer world.
The Western social sector of the chart is still stronger than the Eastern sector, so continue to cultivate your social skills and avoid undue self-assertion and self-will. You still need the cooperation of others to attain your goals.
Your 8th house of transformation became powerful on the 22nd of last month and will remain strong until October 22. This heralds a sexually active kind of period. The spouse, partner or current love is prospering and this is a good period to pay down debt or to borrow if you need to. It’s also a good month for detox regimes on all levels, physical, emotional and mental.
Death is not an appetizing subject. We tend to avoid think­ing about it. But when the 8th house is strong it is unavoid­able – the angel of death comes calling. Usually he is not there to take you away, only to remind you that he is around. Sometimes there is a death in the family of business associates or friends. Sometimes there are near-death kinds of experiences. Sometimes people dream of dead relatives or loved ones. Sometimes they seek out mediums to communi­cate with dead relatives. There is an educational process about death happening, and this is ultimately good.
Love is more challenging this period. You and the beloved are on opposite sides of the universe – you seem more distant. This is especially so after the 22nd. Distance doesn’t necessarily mean a break up or separation, but if it is allowed to continue it can lead to this. Your challenge is to bridge your differences, to see the opposite perspective as valid (and even complementary to your position). If you can do this, your relationship will be better than before. In astrology, it is the opposite that is the natural love partner. On the spiritual level we are in love with our opposite. There is a recognition of the essential unity of the opposites on the higher levels.
Children or children figures in your life should be kept out of harm’s way from the 15th to the 17th. They should drive more carefully and avoid dangerous situations. Foreign travel is not advisable during this period.

Horoscope & Astrology

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Horoscope Aquarius August 2014

Take it nice and easy on the 1st and 2nd. Mars is square to Uranus. Drive more carefully and avoid confrontations and risky situations. Watch the temper. People (and you) are more likely to overreact to things. Communications are more difficult then, be patient.
You are still in the midst of a yearly love and social peak until the 22nd – a good period to achieve your social goals. Good social opportunities come. Singles are dating more.
Whether you are single or in a relationship there are more parties and social functions happening now. Marriage is more likely for singles next year, but you are getting prepared for it.
Health became more delicate on the 22nd of last month and is still delicate until the 22nd of this. Rest and relax more. Spend more time at the health spa. Get more massages. Enhance the health in the ways mentioned in the yearly report. Happily, you are paying more attention to health these days, which is a positive health signal. Energy and vitality return to normal levels after the 22nd.
Friendships get tested from the 4th to the 13th and from the 18th to the 25th. Be more patient with friends. They seem more temperamental. Problems in the relationship could be coming from events happening in their lives and not necessarily be because of you. Hi-tech gadgetry also gets tested. Make sure your anti-hacker, anti-virus software is up to date. Sometimes actual flaws are discovered in your gadgets and they need to be replaced. Sometimes the equip­ment is just more temperamental than usual.
You are still in a very prosperous financial cycle. Sometime too many opportunities – too much money – is stressful. It can be confusing. This seems to be your problem these days. Continue to work to attain mental clarity on your finances. Things are better than they seem to you.
On the 22nd your spouse, partner or current love enters a yearly financial peak and is likely to be more generous with you. You already have the financial favour of friends. There is some financial disagreement with the beloved from the 22nd to the 27th, but it is short lived. In the end he or she is more generous.
Job seekers still have excellent aspects.

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