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Pisces 2014 Love Horoscope

Your 7th house of love and marriage is not a house of power this year. As regular readers know, this tends to the status quo. There is a basic contentment in things as they are and there is no special compulsion to make dramatic change. (However if you want to, if you feel strongly motivated, you have more freedom in this area.)
Love and social matters are simply not that important to you this year. Some years are like that. You need to focus on yourself, your finances and family situation. Singles are in a preparation stage for love this year. Timing is very important in love matters. You and your future soul mate could be passing each other on the street every other day and you would not recognize each other – until the right time came.
Marriage or committed relationships are not indicated here this year. Singles will tend to stay single, and those who are married will tend to stay married. However, singles will certainly date more and have love affairs. This is especially so after June 27 when Jupiter enters the 5th house. But these are not serious kinds of relationships; you are just amusing yourself.
For the unattached there are love affair opportunities in the usual places – at parties, resorts, clubs and places of entertainment. You have the aspects for the office romance this year, but with superiors.
Mercury, your love planet, is a very fast-moving planet. During the course of the year he will move through all the signs and houses of your Horoscope. Thus there are many short-term trends in love that are best dealt with in the monthly reports. Mercury goes retrograde three times a year. These are times to go slow in love, to review your love and social life and to see where improvements can be made. They are not times for making important love decisions one way or another. This year the Mercury retrograde periods are from February 23 to March 16, June 26 to July 19 and October 21 to November 9. Love tends to be more compli­cated during these periods as well, so try to be more patient.

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Aquarius 2014 Love Horoscope

As the last year, the 7th house of love and marriage is not a house of power. Marriage and committed relationships are not such a big issue this year. This tends to be the status quo. Those who are married tend to stay married; singles tend to stay single. The empty 7th house could be read as a positive thing. You are basically content with the love life as it is and you have no need to make major changes or give it undue attention.
Though marriage is not in the stars this year, love affairs are. But these are not serious things, just another form of entertainment. There will be many opportunities for love affairs this year. Singles probably prefer this anyway.
The Sun is your love planet. He is a fast-moving planet and during the course of the year ahead he will move through all the signs and houses of your Horoscope. Thus love and social opportunities can happen in many ways and with a variety of people. Your needs in love tend to change month by month, so the many short-term trends in love are best dealt with in the monthly reports.
The Sun will get eclipsed twice this year, once on May 10 and again on November 3. These eclipses will test the current relationship. Good relationships tend to survive, although the dirty laundry comes up for cleansing. The spouse, partner or current love will tend to be more tem­peramental during those periods. Hopefully you’ll be ready to handle this when it comes.
A parent or parent figure is having their marriage or current relationship severely tested. Love is very challenging this year. Siblings (or sibling figures in your life) seem very freedom oriented. This tendency could test a current rela­tionship. Their spouse, partner or current love needs to give this sibling much space, much elbow room. Children (or children figures) of marriageable age are likely to marry or get involved in a serious romance this year. (It could have happened last year as well.) This seems a very happy rela­tionship. There’s nothing special that the child needs to do to attract love, it will find him or her. He or she probably can’t even escape it. Even if the child is too young for marriage there is love this year. The social life seems happy. Grandchildren of appropriate age (if you have them) are not likely to marry this year, nor does it seem advisable. They have aspects for serial love affairs not marriage. If they are already married, the marriage is being severely tested. Financial issues seem a root cause, but not the only one.

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Capricorn 2014 Love Horoscope

Your 7th house of love and marriage becomes strong in the latter part of the year, after June 27. In the meantime love is more or less status quo. For singles this should be a period for preparation and self-improvement, to become clear in your mind as to what you want in love, the kind of person you want to be with, etc. It’s also a good time to make your­self more lovable. All of us can use more work on this, and now is a good time to get into it.
When Jupiter enters your 7th house on June 27 the whole love and social life is going to expand in a very posi­tive way. Often it brings marriage. Sometimes it brings marriage opportunity. Sometimes it brings a relationship that is like a marriage. Sometimes it brings meetings with people that you would consider ‘marriage material’ or rela­tionships that have marriage potential. Often it brings business partnerships or joint ventures. Always, though, it expands the social life and the social circle. New and signifi­cant friends come into the picture now. There is more dating and going out, more parties and social gatherings.
Jupiter is your spiritual planet. Thus his move into the house of love is giving us other messages as well. Your so­cial circle is becoming more refined and spiritualized. You are attracting spiritual kinds of friends – mystics, yogis, psy­chics, spiritual channels, ministers, gurus. You will also be attracted to poets, musicians and dancers. In other words you are going to attract spiritual kinds of relationships. The spiritual dimension becomes very important in the romantic life as well. Mere physical attraction is not enough for you. You and the beloved have to be on the same spiritual path, and have more or less compatible spiritual values and ideals. If this is the case the relationship has a better chance of enduring.
This year you find love in both the usual and unusual kinds of places. The usual places are parties, social gatherings and through introductions from friends. But love also awaits you in spiritual-type settings – at retreats, prayer meetings, yoga studios, meditation seminars and so forth. It also awaits you in charitable kinds of activities and functions and as you get involved in causes that you believe in.
Love is idealistic these days. There is a need to feel that your relationship is ‘sanctioned from on high’ and not just a matter of chemistry, and many of you will find ‘ideal’ love this or nest year. However, keep in mind that one must be ready for such love otherwise impurities in the psyche will mar it and cause many complications.
For those already married, the spouse or partner is becoming more spiritual, so the relationship will be spiritu­alized.
For those of you in or working on the second marriage, the year ahead will be a status quo one. Singles will tend to remain single and those who are married will tend to remain married. However the social life will still be much expanded. For those of you in the third marriage this is a year of test­ing. For those of you working on the third marriage, you seem proactive about it, but marriage is probably not advis­able this year.
There are many short-term trends in love which we will deal with in the monthly reports. Your love planet, the Moon, is a fast-moving planet and moves through all the signs and houses of your Horoscope every month.

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Sagittarius 2014 Love Horoscope

We mentioned earlier that you have been in a very powerful love and social period since June of last year. For singles this is a signal for romance – serious romance. This is not about fun, games and entertainment (though you are certainly enjoying things) but something with real marriage potential. However, Jupiter in the 7th house doesn’t always mean literal marriage. Often it shows relationships that are like marriage, or meeting people who are ‘marriage material’.
Since last June you are the proactive one in love. You are doing the courting. You are creating your ideal social life through personal effort. You’re not sitting around waiting for the phone to ring or for the next text message. You go after what you want and tend to get it.
In general you are more popular this year. You are ‘other oriented’. You put the interests of others ahead of your own. You are there for the beloved and for your friends. People respond to this. The only problem here is that you feel in ‘exile’ from yourself. Many of you are saying, ‘What about me? What about my needs?’ But you need not concern yourself too much about this. Your needs will be met by the karmic law.
It is good every now and then to take a vacation from the self and its personal desires and interests. Many of the prob­lems in life come precisely from too much self focus, too much ‘me’. Letting go of ‘me’ for a while is a liberating kind of experience.
On June 27, Jupiter will leave the house of love and marriage and move into the 8th house of transformation. For most of you this means that the love goals are achieved and you are on to the next thing. The latter half of the year is a more sexually active kind of period. Whatever your age or stage in life, libido will be stronger than usual.
With Mercury as your love planet there are many short-term trends in love. Mercury will move through your entire Horoscope in the course of a year. These trends are best dealt with in the monthly reports.
Mercury goes retrograde three times a year and this tends to complicate love matters. It’s unwise to make important love decisions then. These are times to review the current relationship or the love life in general and to see where improvements can be made. It is good to understand this, as it explains the sometimes bizarre behaviour of a loved one or the glitches in social matters. This year, these periods are February 23 to March 16, June 26 to July 19, and October 21 to November 9.

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Scorpio 2014 Love Horoscope

As we mentioned, last year was a very strong love and social year. Jupiter moved through your 7th house. No one can take this much intensity for too long, so a bit of a cooling off of the social activity is in order. In many cases this cooling off is not what it seems. Many of you got involved in serious romantic relationships, and this tends to narrow the social focus. Many got married under this transit. Whether you are married or single, the year ahead is a sexu­ally active period.
Most of you seem content with things as they are and have no need to make major changes in the love life. Singles will probably remain single. Those who are married will probably remain married – a status quo kind of situation. If you are already in a romantic relationship, the status quo is good news.
Your love planet, Venus, is a fast-moving planet. So there are many short-term trends in the love life which are best dealt with in the monthly reports. Much depends on where Venus is at any given time and the kind of aspects she is receiving.
One of the challenges in love right now is Saturn in your own sign. It tends to make a person ‘stand offish’. People get the feeling that you don’t want to get too close. Sometimes you come across as cold and distant to others. You are not doing this consciously and you are certainly not this kind of person. However, you could be unconsciously projecting this because of Saturn’s influence. You will have to work to project warmth and love to others. This projection of love is something you build up, like a muscle. It gets stronger through practice.
Sometimes Saturn’s influence makes a person overly seri­ous, and understandably so. Many of you are thinking of old age or taking on extra burdens and responsibilities. Many of you are carrying on out of a sense of duty and not from the joy of what you are doing. Thus, others can be put off by all this seriousness. When you are with the beloved or at a party, let go of all that and have some fun. Don’t carry your burdens into the bedroom or party.
Though love is status quo this year, a Solar Eclipse on May 10 will test the current relationship. This is not enough to cause a break up, but it does show the ‘airing of dirty laundry’ – a good emotional expelling will happen for both you and the beloved.
Those of you working on the second marriage have beau­tiful romantic opportunities after June 27. You are meeting people with marriage potential. Those working on the third marriage have a status quo kind of year, and those working on the fourth marriage will probably not marry. Even a cur­rent relationship seems stressed out and will get tested.
Parents or parent figures are having a status quo love year. Children (or children figures) of marriageable age like­wise. Grandchildren of the appropriate age (if you have them) are having their marriages or romantic relationships tested this year.

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Libra 2014 Love Horoscope

Ever since Uranus moved into your 7th house, the love and social life has been unstable. Existing relationships were and are being severely tested. Many have not made it. Singles most likely found love the last year as Jupiter moved through this house, but it doesn’t ‘seem stable or lasting. In fact, the whole social circle is undergoing radical, revolutionary change this year, and for the next few years – a long-term trend.
Good relationships – relationships where love is true and which are fundamentally sound – will probably survive all this; they always do. Even so, it won’t be easy and you and your partner will be stretched to the limit.
For singles the love life has been very exciting. With Uranus, the unexpected is the norm. Love can happen anywhere, at any time, with no advance warning. You can be innocently taking out the rubbish and there on the way is Mr or Miss Right. (Best to maintain a good appearance at all times – you never know when love will arrive.)
Though you will date and have fun, marriage is not advis­able these days. You have the aspects for serial love affairs, not for long-term committed relationships. If you see Uranus in the 7th house in a birth chart, the tendency is to multiple marriages or to no marriages – and the reasons for both are the same. The person needs change, variety. The person needs to experiment in love. One partner is often not enough for this. So they either have serial love affairs or serial marriages.
If you talk to a Libra (or someone very strong in the 7th House) they will say: ‘Relationships are the most important thing in life. You can only learn about yourself in relation­ships. It is the road to self knowledge/ There is some truth to this – we do learn about ourselves in relationships – but it is not the only road to self knowledge. Talk to a Pisces or a Scorpio and you’ll get a different perspective on things. This experimentation in love is really a journey into self-knowledge these days. You are throwing out all the rule books about love and learning what works for you person­ally. Much new knowledge will be gained this way, but you can also expect a few explosions.
Your tastes in love are unconventional these days. Older people might gravitate to the very young and vice versa. You want something ‘different’. Often with this aspect people have romances with people of different religions, national­ities or races. You gravitate to unconventional people as well – genius types: the inventor, the mathematician, the media person, the computer whiz, the astronomer or astrologer -people outside the norm. If you want to win the heart of Libra these days, do the unconventional.

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Virgo 2014 Love Horoscope

Your 7th house of love and marriage (and social activities) has been strong for many years. But this year things are less complicated, less stressful and much more stable. For many years love was there but there was always much insecurity involved. Love came like a lightning flash and often disap­peared just as quickly. And this kept happening again and again. Happily, this is now stabilizing. It seems to me that you’ve had enough excitement in love, and a little security -perhaps even some boredom – would be welcome these days. It might be boring, but it’s nice to know that your beloved will be there for you when you get home; that when you make long-term plans, the beloved will be there.
Neptune is your love planet, and last year he made a major move into his own sign (Pisces) and his own house (your 7th). You have always been idealistic about love and always had very high standards, but now even more so. Your love planet is now in his own sign and house and thus is much more powerful on your behalf. This is good news on the love front.
You are in a period now – for the next 13 or so years -where ‘ideal’ love is likely to happen. And this will be very educational. Most people think that the purpose of life is the happiness of the physical body, the carnal self. Thus when they meet a ‘twin flame’ they expect happiness ever after. But since life has much deeper purposes than carnal well being, the meeting with the ideal love – the twin flame – can bring many psychological shocks. The twin flame will uncover areas of unconsciousness, areas of darkness, in the soul that were holding it back. It can be a very stormy kind of experience, as Judith Hall points out in The Soul Mate Myth. To have the ideal love, you have to be your ideal self, and the cosmos is working towards that end.
Spiritual compatibility in love has always been important, but now even more so. If the relationship is just carnal with no spiritual dimension to it, you are not likely to be inter­ested.
In general spiritual-type friends are coming into the picture now. You are attracted to psychics, ministers, spiritual channels, ministers, gurus and yogis. You also like the poet, the mystic, the creative artist and the inspired musician.
Singles find love in spiritual settings now; don’t even waste a second on the bars and clubs. Love is at the medita­tion seminar, the spiritual lecture or workshop, the prayer meeting or at the charity event. Get more involved in altru­istic causes that you believe in and love will find you.
On June 27 Jupiter will enter your 11th house of friends. Thus new and significant friends are coming into the picture this year (and next year). The social life will be much more active. After June 27, Jupiter will be making beautiful aspects with your love planet for some months, and this is when romance – serious romance – is likely to happen. This will have marriage potential.

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Leo 2014 Love Horoscope

We live in a moving universe. It doesn’t stop for a second. So we are changing and evolving beings. This is so in all our affairs, and especially so in love. These changing needs and desires are the root causes for many relationship problems. We fell in love when we were a certain way and the object of our affections was a certain way. But as time went on, they changed and we changed – and so we are maybe not so keen about things as we once were. Adapting to the shifting changes in ourselves and those around us is not so easy, but astrology is a big help.
For about eight years, your love planet Uranus was in Pisces and in your 8th house of trans­formation. Sex appeal, sexual magnetism, the glamour, the fantasy were the allurements in love. Sex is always impor­tant to Leo, perhaps more than for any of the other signs (with the exception of Scorpio). But even so, it is not enough to hold a relationship together over time. Even the best sexual chemistry fades in a year or so. A good relation­ship needs more than that. Now that your love planet is in Aries and in your 9th house you are seeing this more clearly. You need a philosophical compatibility with the beloved. You need to share a similar world view and a similar perspective on the meaning of life. Philosophical differences as this stage of your life will subvert even the best sexual chemistry over time.
Of course you want to enjoy your relationship and to have fun – this is basic Leo philosophy. But you also want someone you can learn from, someone who can expand and enlarge your mental horizons. You have the aspects now of someone who falls in love with the college professor, mentor, guru or minister.
The Horoscope not only shows us the needs in love, but also how troubled relationships can be helped. If there are problems in your relationship, a trip to an exotic location -perhaps even a second honeymoon – might be in order. It is also good to worship and pray together and perhaps to take courses together as a couple. The bonds of the mind need to be strengthened.
For singles love opportunities happen in foreign lands or with foreigners in your own country. You are attracted to exotic types, and the more exotic the better. Love and social
opportunities happen in educational and religious settings, at your place of worship or with members of your place of worship, in university or at university functions.
Love seems happy this year, especially in the first half. If you are in a relationship it will most likely continue. If you are single, you seem content with that. These trends apply to those in or working on the first or second marriages. Those working on the third marriage had wonderful romantic opportunities last year and in the year ahead as well. Marriage or something equivalent to marriage is likely.

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Cancer 2014 Love Horoscope

Now that Pluto is in your 7th house of love for many years to come, this is an important area of life and an area of great focus. Love has been challenging for the past two years. It is still challenging this year, but less so. If your relationship weathered the past two years it will survive the year ahead too.
Last years your love planet Saturn was in stressful aspect with both Pluto and Uranus. Love was severely tested. Anything less than perfection, which is what the cosmos wants for you, probably dissolved. This applied to business type partnerships as well as roman­tic ones. But the worst of the stress seems over with.
Your love planet is now in the 5th house of children and fun for the next two years, in the sign of Scorpio. Love atti­tudes have shifted now. Sexual magnetism seems the most important thing – you’ve had enough stress, now you want relationships that are enjoyable. You want that ‘honeymoon’ feeling. You will start to attract this kind of thing in the year ahead, only keep in mind that honeymoons don’t last for ever, as much as we try to make them. To expect a relation­ship to be a constant honeymoon is just not realistic.
Sexual chemistry is a vital component of any romantic relationship. However, this can be overdone. And this might be the case this year. Your love planet is in sexy Scorpio and Pluto, the generic ruler of sex, is in your 7th house of love. Good sex covers many sins, but of itself it is not enough to hold a relationship together. My experience has been that even the best of sexual chemistries have a life span of 9 to 12 months. So there is a need to look deeper into things and to take more things into account. On the other hand, singles don’t seem that serious about love this year, and with long-term commitment not a big issue right now their approach might be right – have fun, and when it’s over it’s over.
If your marriage or relationship weathered the past two years it’s time to have some fun together and perhaps go on a second honeymoon. If you are single and working on your first marriage, you find love at the usual places – clubs, resorts, places of entertainment. If you are working on the second marriage, love is in spiritual-type settings – medita­tion seminars, yoga kirtans, prayer meetings or charity events. Mere good sex will not be enough for you; you are looking for spiritual compatibility, a spiritual soul mate, and this kind of relationship is, most definitely, coming to you -most likely in the latter part of the year. Those working on the third marriage have a status quo kind of year.
In general, and this is a long-term trend, your love life, your social sphere, is getting a cosmic detox. Detoxing is seldom pleasant but the end result is good. Impurities in love, as with physical impurities in the body, need to be removed from the system so that healthy love can happen. You are in process of giving birth to the love life, the marriage, of your dreams. The problems and challenges are merely birth pangs.

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