Virgo 2014 Love Horoscope

Your 7th house of love and marriage (and social activities) has been strong for many years. But this year things are less complicated, less stressful and much more stable. For many years love was there but there was always much insecurity involved. Love came like a lightning flash and often disap­peared just as quickly. And this kept happening again and again. Happily, this is now stabilizing. It seems to me that you’ve had enough excitement in love, and a little security -perhaps even some boredom – would be welcome these days. It might be boring, but it’s nice to know that your beloved will be there for you when you get home; that when you make long-term plans, the beloved will be there.
Neptune is your love planet, and last year he made a major move into his own sign (Pisces) and his own house (your 7th). You have always been idealistic about love and always had very high standards, but now even more so. Your love planet is now in his own sign and house and thus is much more powerful on your behalf. This is good news on the love front.
You are in a period now – for the next 13 or so years -where ‘ideal’ love is likely to happen. And this will be very educational. Most people think that the purpose of life is the happiness of the physical body, the carnal self. Thus when they meet a ‘twin flame’ they expect happiness ever after. But since life has much deeper purposes than carnal well being, the meeting with the ideal love – the twin flame – can bring many psychological shocks. The twin flame will uncover areas of unconsciousness, areas of darkness, in the soul that were holding it back. It can be a very stormy kind of experience, as Judith Hall points out in The Soul Mate Myth. To have the ideal love, you have to be your ideal self, and the cosmos is working towards that end.
Spiritual compatibility in love has always been important, but now even more so. If the relationship is just carnal with no spiritual dimension to it, you are not likely to be inter­ested.
In general spiritual-type friends are coming into the picture now. You are attracted to psychics, ministers, spiritual channels, ministers, gurus and yogis. You also like the poet, the mystic, the creative artist and the inspired musician.
Singles find love in spiritual settings now; don’t even waste a second on the bars and clubs. Love is at the medita­tion seminar, the spiritual lecture or workshop, the prayer meeting or at the charity event. Get more involved in altru­istic causes that you believe in and love will find you.
On June 27 Jupiter will enter your 11th house of friends. Thus new and significant friends are coming into the picture this year (and next year). The social life will be much more active. After June 27, Jupiter will be making beautiful aspects with your love planet for some months, and this is when romance – serious romance – is likely to happen. This will have marriage potential.

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