Snake 2013

The Dragon year (23 January 2012 – 9 February 2013) is characterized by a great deal of activity and the Snake may have felt unsettled during it. Snakes like to proceed in measured ways and follow carefully laid plans rather than be caught up in fast-moving and sometimes frenzied situa­tions.
The year’s often hectic pace shows no sign of slowing in the closing months and the Snake will have a lot to deal with. To ease some of the pressure, he should concentrate on priorities and involve others in his various activities. This is no time for him to go it alone or isolate himself from others.
This particularly applies to his working situation. Far more will be achieved through joint effort than independ­ent action and the Snake should aim to work closely with his colleagues. Although the closing months of the Dragon year can be demanding, some interesting possibilities can still arise.
Another feature of the Dragon year is that it favours the new, and one benefit for the Snake is the opportunities it will bring to try out new interests or recreational pursuits. If he sees something that appeals to him or has an idea that intrigues him, he should follow it up. Personal interests and travel opportunities can bring him particular pleasure in the final Tiger months.
The Snake will also see a lot happen in both his home and social life at this time. September and December could be two especially busy months, and to fit in all the Snake wants, good liaison and some flexibility will be necessary.
Overall, the Dragon year can be a challenging one for the Snake, but he will learn a lot during it and enjoy some particularly rewarding occasions in his home and social life and through the various activities he pursues.
The Year of the Snake starts on 10 February and will be a much improved one for the Snake. Not only will he feel more in control of his situation but also find greater fulfil­ment in many of his activities. He will also have the chance
to make more of his specific talents. However, while the aspects may be favourable, this will still be a busy year and it is important that the Snake continues to prioritize his affairs and keeps his lifestyle well balanced.
His work prospects are particularly encouraging. Snake years favour creativity and expression and this one will give the Snake an excellent chance to profit from his strengths. Snakes whose work allows them to express themselves in some way or involves an element of creativ­ity could find what they do well received and benefit from some fine opportunities. The Snake year will offer many Snakes the chance to do what they are good at and this will lead to some notable successes.
For those who start the year unfulfilled in their present position or seeking employment, the Snake year will offer the chance to re-establish themselves and take on a new and often suitable role. This is very much a year for moving ahead and following up ideas and opportunities. Openings could arise in the first weeks of the Snake year, or even just before it, and in April, May and September, but throughout the year, whenever the Snake sees an opportu­nity, he should act swiftly.

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