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On the whole, Scorpio men and women are quite healthy and have amazing recuperative powers. Their constitution is generally strong. They seldom have to worry about common ailments. They are capable of great spurts of energy. They can apply themselves to a strenuous task for a long period of time without tiring. The Scorpio man or woman enjoys stress and strain. It proves their mettle.

The Scorpio man or woman is seldom bothered by illnesses; their resistance is remarkably strong. When they do become ill—really ill—they have to give in in order to recuperate. Illness is a sort of weakness or frailty to Scorpio. They are ashamed when sick and do all they can to quickly recover. If they try to fight it—that is, act as though they aren’t incapacitated—they often wind up worse off. It is difficult at times for Scorpio to realize that even he or she has limits.

In spite of the fact that he or she can take on a lot, it is also important that Scorpio learn how to relax. Often, Scorpio people push themselves to the limit—and sometimes there are serious consequences to pay. Overworked Scorpios are highly susceptible to breakdowns of various sorts. It is the cultivated Scorpio man or woman who knows when and how to relax. Because of their serious attitude toward most things, Scorpio when young often seems much older than he or she really is.

The Scorpio man or woman is sturdily built. There is usually something powerful about them. They are often large-boned and have deepset interesting eyes. In general, they could best be described as sensuous in their appearance and behavior. Scorpio women are often beautiful in a seductive way. Their voices are sometimes husky and rather sexy.

The weakest part of the Scorpio’s anatomy is the digestive system. Whenever they become ill, this is the area usually affected. The sensible person born under this sign pays attention to minor warnings of an oncoming illness and does something about it while there is still time. Some Scorpio men and women pick up infections easily, but just as quickly throw them off.


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