Scorpio 2014 Love Horoscope

As we mentioned, last year was a very strong love and social year. Jupiter moved through your 7th house. No one can take this much intensity for too long, so a bit of a cooling off of the social activity is in order. In many cases this cooling off is not what it seems. Many of you got involved in serious romantic relationships, and this tends to narrow the social focus. Many got married under this transit. Whether you are married or single, the year ahead is a sexu­ally active period.
Most of you seem content with things as they are and have no need to make major changes in the love life. Singles will probably remain single. Those who are married will probably remain married – a status quo kind of situation. If you are already in a romantic relationship, the status quo is good news.
Your love planet, Venus, is a fast-moving planet. So there are many short-term trends in the love life which are best dealt with in the monthly reports. Much depends on where Venus is at any given time and the kind of aspects she is receiving.
One of the challenges in love right now is Saturn in your own sign. It tends to make a person ‘stand offish’. People get the feeling that you don’t want to get too close. Sometimes you come across as cold and distant to others. You are not doing this consciously and you are certainly not this kind of person. However, you could be unconsciously projecting this because of Saturn’s influence. You will have to work to project warmth and love to others. This projection of love is something you build up, like a muscle. It gets stronger through practice.
Sometimes Saturn’s influence makes a person overly seri­ous, and understandably so. Many of you are thinking of old age or taking on extra burdens and responsibilities. Many of you are carrying on out of a sense of duty and not from the joy of what you are doing. Thus, others can be put off by all this seriousness. When you are with the beloved or at a party, let go of all that and have some fun. Don’t carry your burdens into the bedroom or party.
Though love is status quo this year, a Solar Eclipse on May 10 will test the current relationship. This is not enough to cause a break up, but it does show the ‘airing of dirty laundry’ – a good emotional expelling will happen for both you and the beloved.
Those of you working on the second marriage have beau­tiful romantic opportunities after June 27. You are meeting people with marriage potential. Those working on the third marriage have a status quo kind of year, and those working on the fourth marriage will probably not marry. Even a cur­rent relationship seems stressed out and will get tested.
Parents or parent figures are having a status quo love year. Children (or children figures) of marriageable age like­wise. Grandchildren of the appropriate age (if you have them) are having their marriages or romantic relationships tested this year.

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