Romance and the Scorpio Man

The Scorpio man is often popular with women. There is something magnetic about his charm. He is protective and adventurous. His passionate way in love often sweeps women off their feet. Love—in each affair—is a matter of life and death. He does not believe in being lighthearted.

As a rule, he is warm and generous. He knows how to make a woman feel loved and wanted. He expects his loved one to be as demonstrative as he is in expressing her love. By nature, he is possessive and resents another’s interest in his woman. He can easily become jealous. His anger can be quite frightening to a sensitive woman.

The Scorpio man makes a good husband and father. He is a good provider, most often, and sees to it that his family has everything it needs. His married life is apt to be full of ups and downs. He is affectionate, though, and true in his desire to be a good husband; this sometimes makes it easier for his wife to accept his changeable nature.

He is faithful. Once settled down he is apt to stay true to his wife. The cultivated Scorpio man is often successful in marriage. He knows how to withhold his negative traits so that they do not seriously affect the relationship.

He is fond of large families. Even though he may father one himself, he may not have enough interest in his children—especially when they are young—to make them feel secure and well loved. As the children grow older, however, and reach an adult stage, his interest is likely to increase considerably. At any rate, he will always see to it that they never want for anything.

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