Rabbit 2013 (1)

Rabbits seeking work should also be open to possibility and not be too restrictive in what they are prepared to consider. Advice they obtain from agencies, friends and contacts could alert them to positions worth considering. Even though there may be some disappointments in their quest, by remaining persistent they will find their resolve will prevail and in many cases help them secure positions they can build on in the future. Work-wise, this is a progressive year.
The Rabbit’s financial prospects are also encouraging and in addition to an increase in income some may be able to supplement their earnings through an interest or enter­prising idea they have, or benefit from a gift. To make the most of this upturn the Rabbit should consider reducing any borrowings and, if possible, set something aside for the longer term. With good control, he can improve his posi­tion as well as enjoy some of his carefully considered purchases. With this being his own year, he can also enjoy some luck, and if he sees a competition, especially one involving skill or judgement, he would do well to enter.
He can also derive a lot of satisfaction from his interests and hobbies over the year and should allow himself the time to enjoy and develop these. Some Rabbits may decide to set themselves specific challenges, including learning or improving a skill or tackling a particular project. Whatever he does, by spending time in ways he enjoys, the Rabbit can derive considerable pleasure from how certain projects and ideas progress.
The Rabbit enjoys good relations with many people and over the year will find himself in demand. May, August, September and December could be particularly busy months socially. Rabbits currently enjoying romance could see this blossom and become more significant as the year progresses, while for the unattached Rabbit a fortuitous meeting could quickly become meaningful. Love, romance and the close relations the Rabbit enjoys with those around him can help make his own year all the more meaningful.
The Rabbit’s home life will also be busy over the year and there may be good cause for a celebration. This could be a marriage, an addition to the family, an academic success or a promotion, but many a Rabbit’s household will enjoy some good news during the year. Sometimes this will involve a coming together of family members, some of whom the Rabbit may not have seen for some time, and such occasions will also give many Rabbits a sense of pride.
With some of the events of the year, together with the busy schedules of many in the Rabbit’s household, there does need to be good communication, however. In addition, if the Rabbit is troubled by pressures or uncertainties at any time, it is important that he speaks out. With others keen to help and support him, problems can often be quickly solved and concerns eased.
Overall, the Year of the Snake holds excellent prospects for the Rabbit himself, but it does call on him to act. This is his year and he needs to seize his opportunities. In his work, promotion or new horizons beckon, while domesti­cally and socially he can look forward to some personal successes. By acting on his aims and aspirations, he can make this year one of the best if not the best he has enjoyed for a long time.

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