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Dragon years are fast moving and often leave the Pig feeling uneasy about the speed with which things happen. He may have found parts of this Dragon year (23 January 2012 – 9 February 2013) frustrating. Despite his efforts, his plans may not always have proceeded in the way he wanted. However, the aspects are changing and the closing months of the year will bring improvement as well as prepare the way for the next, more favourable Chinese year.
In what remains of the Dragon year the Pig will need to remain attentive and aware. This is particularly the case in matters of finance, and with the closing months of the year traditionally more expensive, he will need to watch his spending and avoid risks. Also, paperwork and matters with financial implications need close attention.
Many Pigs will see an increase in their workload at this time as well as have some awkward work issues to deal with. However, by concentrating on what needs to be done and using their experience well, they can help their repu­tation and prospects. With this a year of fast-moving devel­opments, mid-October to early December could see interesting opportunities for some.
With his agreeable nature the Pig enjoys good rela­tions with many and can look forward to some fine social occasions in the closing months of the year. However, while he will enjoy himself, when in company he should be careful not to say things he may later regret. As the saying goes, Walls have ears and an indiscretion could be embarrassing.
The Pig’s home life will also see much activity and he will often do much to help others as well as enjoy any get-togethers and visits to friends and relations. There will be a lot to fit in in the last few Tiger weeks.
The Pig has a great appetite for life. He likes his indul­gences but is also prepared to work hard and takes his responsibilities seriously. And he will find the Snake year an encouraging one. It will bring the chance for his efforts to reap considerable rewards.
The Snake year begins on 10 February and as it starts, if not shortly before, the Pig would do well to give some thought to his hopes for the year, particularly any work aspirations. This is a time for moving forward and with
thoughts in mind, he will become more aware of certain opportunities to follow. There is an element of good fortune and synchronicity in the Snake year and this can help the Pig in several different ways.
For Pigs who are well established in their career, there will be an excellent chance to progress to a new level and often secure responsibilities they have been working towards for some time. When promotion opportunities arise or they see suitable vacancies, these Pigs should be swift to apply. Speed is of the essence, but with their expe­rience, determination and personable manner, they have a lot in their favour this year.

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