Monkey 2013

Dragon years are active and although the Monkey likes to keep himself busy during this one (23 January 2012 – 9 February 2013) he will need to be careful. Plans need to be thought through and this is no time for risk.
In what remains of the Dragon year the Monkey should proceed cautiously Although he tends to be self-reliant, he should aim to consult others and be adaptable in approach. To be stubborn or too self-willed could undermine what he is hoping to do.
In his work he should keep himself informed of all that’s going on around him, work closely with colleagues and be an active member of any team. With willingness and co¬≠operation he can do his reputation and prospects a lot of good. For quite a few Monkeys, September to November could see interesting work developments.
With some of the pressures the Monkey may be under, it is also important he takes good care of his well-being. This includes allowing himself rest after busy periods and paying attention to his diet and level of exercise. If he is able, taking a break or holiday in the closing months of the year can do him a lot of good.
He should also keep his lifestyle in balance, including making the most of the social opportunities the year end can bring. Setting quality time aside for loved ones and taking a full part in family activities can lead to some particularly fine occasions. With awareness, co-operation and a desire to make the most of the moment, the Monkey can get a lot out of this time.
The Year of the Dragon does require the Monkey to be on his mettle but, resourceful and adaptable as he is, he will be able to fit a lot into the closing months and build on his achievements in the encouraging Snake year that follows.
The Year of the Snake begins on 10 February and will be a favourable one for the Monkey. During it he will be able to make far more of his personal talents and find many of his plans progressing well. This is a year of opportunity, with the Monkey often benefiting from the chances that come his way. For any Monkeys who have been concerned by developments during the Dragon year, this is a much more promising time and one when they should look to move on rather than feel hindered by what has gone before.
The Monkey’s work prospects are especially favourable. Over the year his experience, ideas and contacts can serve him well and this, backed by his canny sense, can lead to some notable triumphs.
To benefit from the prevailing aspects, the Monkey will need to be active and take the initiative. One of his strengths is his innovative nature and whenever he has ideas he feels could benefit his situation, he should give these serious thought and look at ways in which they could be developed. Also, if his work is in any way creative, he should make the most of his talents. For many Monkeys this can be an inspir­ing time and their ideas and input favourably received.
With the knowledge the Monkey has built up, he may well be ideally placed for some of the opportunities that become available over the year. As more senior colleagues move on, some excellent promotion possibilities could arise or other changes could take place that will allow the Monkey to develop his talents in a new way. Work-wise, the Snake year can present some excellent chances and by putting himself forward the Monkey stands to benefit.

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