Libra 2014 Love Horoscope

Ever since Uranus moved into your 7th house, the love and social life has been unstable. Existing relationships were and are being severely tested. Many have not made it. Singles most likely found love the last year as Jupiter moved through this house, but it doesn’t ‘seem stable or lasting. In fact, the whole social circle is undergoing radical, revolutionary change this year, and for the next few years – a long-term trend.
Good relationships – relationships where love is true and which are fundamentally sound – will probably survive all this; they always do. Even so, it won’t be easy and you and your partner will be stretched to the limit.
For singles the love life has been very exciting. With Uranus, the unexpected is the norm. Love can happen anywhere, at any time, with no advance warning. You can be innocently taking out the rubbish and there on the way is Mr or Miss Right. (Best to maintain a good appearance at all times – you never know when love will arrive.)
Though you will date and have fun, marriage is not advis­able these days. You have the aspects for serial love affairs, not for long-term committed relationships. If you see Uranus in the 7th house in a birth chart, the tendency is to multiple marriages or to no marriages – and the reasons for both are the same. The person needs change, variety. The person needs to experiment in love. One partner is often not enough for this. So they either have serial love affairs or serial marriages.
If you talk to a Libra (or someone very strong in the 7th House) they will say: ‘Relationships are the most important thing in life. You can only learn about yourself in relation­ships. It is the road to self knowledge/ There is some truth to this – we do learn about ourselves in relationships – but it is not the only road to self knowledge. Talk to a Pisces or a Scorpio and you’ll get a different perspective on things. This experimentation in love is really a journey into self-knowledge these days. You are throwing out all the rule books about love and learning what works for you person­ally. Much new knowledge will be gained this way, but you can also expect a few explosions.
Your tastes in love are unconventional these days. Older people might gravitate to the very young and vice versa. You want something ‘different’. Often with this aspect people have romances with people of different religions, national­ities or races. You gravitate to unconventional people as well – genius types: the inventor, the mathematician, the media person, the computer whiz, the astronomer or astrologer -people outside the norm. If you want to win the heart of Libra these days, do the unconventional.

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