Leo 2014 Love Horoscope

We live in a moving universe. It doesn’t stop for a second. So we are changing and evolving beings. This is so in all our affairs, and especially so in love. These changing needs and desires are the root causes for many relationship problems. We fell in love when we were a certain way and the object of our affections was a certain way. But as time went on, they changed and we changed – and so we are maybe not so keen about things as we once were. Adapting to the shifting changes in ourselves and those around us is not so easy, but astrology is a big help.
For about eight years, your love planet Uranus was in Pisces and in your 8th house of trans­formation. Sex appeal, sexual magnetism, the glamour, the fantasy were the allurements in love. Sex is always impor­tant to Leo, perhaps more than for any of the other signs (with the exception of Scorpio). But even so, it is not enough to hold a relationship together over time. Even the best sexual chemistry fades in a year or so. A good relation­ship needs more than that. Now that your love planet is in Aries and in your 9th house you are seeing this more clearly. You need a philosophical compatibility with the beloved. You need to share a similar world view and a similar perspective on the meaning of life. Philosophical differences as this stage of your life will subvert even the best sexual chemistry over time.
Of course you want to enjoy your relationship and to have fun – this is basic Leo philosophy. But you also want someone you can learn from, someone who can expand and enlarge your mental horizons. You have the aspects now of someone who falls in love with the college professor, mentor, guru or minister.
The Horoscope not only shows us the needs in love, but also how troubled relationships can be helped. If there are problems in your relationship, a trip to an exotic location -perhaps even a second honeymoon – might be in order. It is also good to worship and pray together and perhaps to take courses together as a couple. The bonds of the mind need to be strengthened.
For singles love opportunities happen in foreign lands or with foreigners in your own country. You are attracted to exotic types, and the more exotic the better. Love and social
opportunities happen in educational and religious settings, at your place of worship or with members of your place of worship, in university or at university functions.
Love seems happy this year, especially in the first half. If you are in a relationship it will most likely continue. If you are single, you seem content with that. These trends apply to those in or working on the first or second marriages. Those working on the third marriage had wonderful romantic opportunities last year and in the year ahead as well. Marriage or something equivalent to marriage is likely.

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