Horoscope Virgo November 2013

A solar eclipse on the 25th (number four for the year) could force you to take action in the home and with family that might be better off postponed. Your family planet is still retrograde. This eclipse occurs in your 4th house and is very strong on you. Take a reduced schedule. This brings certain Jong-brewing family problems to a head – dirty laundry comes UP to be resolved. Old resentments and slights – old woundings – arise. You are not just dealing with present circumstances, but with a whole history of family baggage -this is what makes things so complicated.
In a way it is good that your 4th house becomes so strong this month. Your attention here is needed – there seems to be a family crisis.
This eclipse (like every solar eclipse) brings changes to your spiritual life and practice. The inner life is much like the outer: when we are driving to an outer destination, we frequently have to make adjustments to our course or strategy based on road conditions. So it is in the spiritual life: course corrections are called for.
Health is more delicate this month – after the 23rd. Overall health is basically good, but this is not one of your best periods. As always, work to maintain high energy levels. Plug the energy leaks in your aura. Rest and relax more.
Love is delicate until the 23rd. However, we see improvements happening. On the 9th your love planet starts to move forward again – after many months of retrograde motion. Love is starting to clarify. The direction of a current relationship is more clear. Your social judgement is improved. But in spite of the forward motion, there are still conflicts with your beloved until the 23rd. After that there is much more harmony.
For many months it has been your spouse, partner or current love who seemed directionless and indecisive. Now (from the 24th to the 14th of next month) you are the one who seems indecisive. A role reversal.
Your financial planet spends most of the month in the 4th house (from the 2nd to the 26th). This shows more spending on home and family (not a surprise with an eclipse happening in your 4th house), investments in the home and property, and earnings from the family, as a result of family support or through family connections. Parent figures are more supportive now. On the 26th your financial planet moves into your 5th house. You are more speculative, but be careful – especially on the 29th and 30th. This is a period when your personal creativity can earn you money – it becomes more marketable. This should be explored.

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