Horoscope Pisces April 2012

Mercury, your love and family planet, starts to move forward on the 4th. So there is more mental clarity in these matters and it is safer to make important decisions then.

You are still very much in a yearly financial peak until the 20th. Mars, your financial planet, also starts to move forward on the 14th. The financial picture and strategy is much clearer and thus success is more likely. Very often when one is in a financial peak and the financial planet is retrograde, earnings increases still happen, but later than expected.

There was turbulence at the job last month and perhaps job changes but have no fear. Your work planet, the Sun, starts to travel with Jupiter after the 20th and this brings very happy job opportunities – dream job opportunities and prestigious kinds of jobs. This can be within your present company or with a new one. This month you feel the beginning of the aspect; next month it will be more exact.

If there have been health problems, you will hear good news about them. Health is good this month. You seem to be spending more on health and health gadgets until the 20th. Financial health is as important to you as physical health.

In fact, financial worries can create actual physical health problems if you allow this. Physical exercise enhances the health, scalp and head massage as well. After the 20th, enhance the health through neck massage. Craniaosacral therapy is powerful too (even before the 20th).

Love is happier this month. You still have to be careful of conflict and power struggles, but you seem to have things your way. Your love planet is in your own sign until the 17th. Singles don’t need to do much to attract love – just go about your daily routine and it will find you. After the 17th Mercury enters your money house and goes into ‘mutual reception’ with Mars, the financial planet. Each is a guest in the house of the other.

This is considered very positive; it shows co-operation between the planets and thus between these two departments of life. This reinforces what we have written earlier. You do business with the people you socialize with (your friends) and you become friends and socialize with the people you do business with. Business partnerships and joint ventures are even likelier now than early in the year. If you are the owner of company, this aspect can indicate a merger or friendly takeover.

Love is idealistic and spiritual until the 17th. Only the feeling of love matters. You could be happy in a shack with a leaky roof so long as the feeling of love is present. But after the 17th you seem more practical. Wealth is a turn-on in love. The person who can provide physical and material comforts is alluring to you.
Be more patient with the beloved from the 22nd to the 24th as he or she is apt to be more temperamental – family members too.

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