Horoscope Gemini December 2012

You are still in a yearly love and social peak all month. The Sun will leave your 7th house on the 21st, but Mercury (the ruler of your Horoscope) and Venus (the generic love planet) will be in your house of love from the 16th onwards. So this is an active and happy month for love.

Your love planet is still retrograde so keep in mind our discussion of this last month. On the 16th, when Mercury moves into your house of love, Mercury (you) and Jupiter (the beloved) will be in ‘mutual reception’. That is, each will be ‘guests in the house of the other’. This is very positive. You are on the beloved’s side and he or she is on your side. There is co-operation and mutual support during this period – just the way a good relationship should be.

You and your beloved are not clones of each other. You are who you are, you have different ideas and opinions and perhaps see things in radically different ways – yet, you manage to co-operate beautifully. You easily bridge your differences.

In the health department we see a similar phenomenon. Saturn and Pluto are in ‘mutual reception’, and there is good co-operation between these two forces. In your Horoscope this would show the power of detox in health. Good health is not about adding more things to the body, but about removing material that shouldn’t be there. This position indicates surgeries as well. And although you should get a second opinion, surgeries seem successful now.

Last month was a month of important change – two eclipses ensured that. But other things also happened. The planetary power shifted from the lower half of the Horoscope to the upper half. On the 16th of this month, the shift becomes even stronger. Your career planet Neptune started to move forward on November 11 as well. Again the timing is beautiful here. It is now time to focus on the career and your outward goals and ambitions.

By now, you should have more mental clarity about your career. You’ve had many months to review and assess your situation, so your actions should be successful. The entire year seems a more sexually active kind of year, but this month even more than usual. The main message is not to overdo a good thing. Keep it in moderation. As with food, if you overdo there is a price to be paid later on.

The power in your 8th house all month shows that this is a good time to pay down debt, to gain a deeper understanding of death and life after death, and for all projects involved with personal transformation and personal reinvention. You have been interested in these things all year, but now even more so. You are giving birth to the ‘new you’.