Horoscope Capricorn July 2015

The Moon waxes from the 1st to the 5th and from the 20th to the 31st: good for starting new projects. The Moon wanes from the 6th to the 20th: good for finishing projects and tying up loose ends. The Moon of the 20th occurs in Cancer, your 7th Solar House. Love and relationship issues will be clarified as the Moon completes its cycle. The Moon of the 5th (a Lunar Eclipse) occurs in Capricorn, your 1st Solar House. Take a reduced schedule.
Another important and eventful month, Capricorn, as the two major astrological events affect you dramatically. But it is all positive. Change is your friend now.
The Lunar Eclipse of the 5th occurs in your own Sign. Thus you are making long-term changes in your image and the way you project yourself to others. If there are impurities in the body they will come up for elimination. Cooperate with the process. Take a reduced schedule as well.
Both the Lunar Eclipse and Jupiter’s major move into Cancer on the 13th are signalling long-term – and positive – changes in your love and social life. The Lunar Eclipse will shake up a present situation. Some of you are in relationships that are unhappy, that are going nowhere, that are flawed at the core. You’ve swept the problems under the carpet for various reasons. Now you will be forced to act – and it will be good. You’re clearing the decks for something new and better to come in. Some of you are in basically good relationships – now they will be made even better. Love is infinitely perfectible. Rapture is unlimited.
It’s not surprising that we would see changes in love right now. Saturn’s recent change of Signs shows that you’ve changed interests and orientation. One change will always cause others. When our interests change we attract different people into our lives as a natural consequence.
For singles, marriage is a strong probability now. And even if you don’t legally tie the knot you will be in a relationship that is ‘like a marriage’ – a serious, committed one.
Finances are still wonderful, though your Financial Planet Uranus is still retrograde. Earnings are coming rather easily though there will be delays. Major purchases and investments need more thought and study. But Capricorns don’t need me to tell them this – they already know. After the 22nd you work harder for earnings – but they come. Debt is not the solution to a financial problem, though you are sorely tempted.
There are almost no planets in your native Earth element this month. The tendency is for people to be disorganized and free spending. They are not in touch (or less in touch) with the practical details of life. You will have to be even more of a Capricorn than you already are to resist these tendencies. Though your counsel might not be heeded (perhaps even derided as too cautious and conservative), you will be vindicated.

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