Horoscope Capricorn December 2012

Most of the planets are in the East and Mars entered your sign on the 17th of last month. Mars is in your sign until the 26th. This is a period of maximum personal power and independence; review our discussion of this last month. You make rapid progress towards your goals. You achieve much very quickly. You are personally more dynamic and charismatic.

You excel at sports and exercise. The only problem here is ‘too much of a good thing’. You can be in too much in a hurry and this can lead to accidents or injury. You could, unconsciously, be appearing too combative to others and this can lead to conflict and argument. You could be seen as a bully if you are not careful. Still, this is a period where you get your way in life.

Your 12th house is very powerful this month (as it was last month). So this is a very spiritual kind of month; a month where much interior growth is happening. For those on the spiritual path, there are breakthroughs in understanding. For those not on the path, there are ‘weird coincidences’ that can’t be explained rationally and a hyper-active dream life. Sometimes these events are not fully understood until years later, but keep them in your mental filing cabinet.

For those on the spiritual path this is a period for more meditation and spiritual practice. For those not on the path this is time for being more involved with charity work, nonprofit organizations and altruistic causes. There is much satisfaction in these things now.

You are all having breakthroughs in spiritual healing this month, especially after the llth. Mercury, your health planet, is in ‘mutual reception’ with Jupiter, your spiritual planet. Each is a guest in the house of the other. Thus each is co-operating with the other. Spiritual healing has been important since June, but now even more so. If you have applied these insights, your health is much improved.

Capricorns are unique among the signs in that their personal new year (the solar return) coincides (more or less) with the collective New Year. So this month you are preparing for two new years. It is good now to review the past year, assess your performance, correct mistakes, and set your goals and intentions for the year ahead. This requires some quiet time with yourself, and until the 21st the cosmos is supplying this.

On the 21st the Sun enters your own sign and you begin a yearly personal pleasure peak – a time for enjoying all the pleasures of the body, good food, good wine and other sensual delights. It is also good for losing weight (if you need to).

It is never a good idea to drink and drive, or to take drugs or medication and drive, but this is especially so this holiday season. The Sun makes dynamic aspects with both Uranus and Pluto from the 25th onwards. Yes, there are more festivities that period, but if you have had a bit too much, take a cab home or have someone drive you.

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