Horoscope Cancer July 2013

Last month on the 21st, two important things, not discussed, happened. You entered a yearly personal pleasure peak on the 21st, and also a two-month cycle of greater prosperity. Last month brought dramatic financial changes – probably upheavals and disruptions, unexpected expenses and the like – and the same kind of phenomena is in the month ahead. We have another solar eclipse in your own sign on the 1st. Happily, these financial emergencies and changes are not as you imagine them to be – you actually do have, or will have, the wherewithal to deal with them.
For many months you have been sort of ‘coasting along’ financially. You seemed satisfied with the status quo. Now, two solar eclipses in two months (highly unusual, by the way) light a fire beneath you and galvanize you into action. You focus more on money, and thus will earn more. Financial opportunities seek you out. Windfalls and expensive personal items come to you (last month, too). You are adopting the image of wealth: dressing expensively, wearing expensive accessories. In many cases this shows that personal appearance has become a big factor in earnings and so much of this is really an ‘investment’ and not ego-driven. In other cases, you are making ‘money magic’ -creating the image of wealth that draws wealth into your sphere.
Health has been delicate all year, but right now (and last month) you are in one of your better health periods. If health was good last month, it will improve even further this month. Venus moves into your sign on the 4th and stays there until the 24th. You look good. Whether you are male or female you look more glamorous and have an enhanced sense of style.
The solar eclipse of the 1st (like the lunar eclipse of June 15) has an impact on your image, personality and personal appearance. Two eclipses in two weeks affect the body and image. You are making changes here, redefining yourself and changing the way you think of yourself and the way that you want others to see you.
Changes in the image and self-concept can often stress the love life or current relationship – especially a marriage. Good relationships weather these sorts of things. Be more patient with your beloved this month. Love will improve after the 23rd.
On the 23rd you enter a yearly financial peak – a period of peak earnings. This will more than make up for the financial challenges of the eclipses. You will emerge richer than before. Your financial intuition is very good – especially from the 2nd to the 23rd. Friends are supportive from the 22nd onwards. You have the financial favour of groups and organizations. The most important factor in your financial success is your interest and drive – things that have been lacking for many months.

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