Goat 2013

The Dragon year (13 February 2012 – 9 February 2013) is fast paced and for many a Goat can be an unsettling time. With increased pressures and sudden changes, parts of the year can be demanding and in the remaining months there will be little let up in the activity.
In his work the Goat will need to remain on his mettle and concentrate on the tasks and often considerable chal­lenges before him. Progress will not be easy and his situa­tion could be compounded by delays, problems or the unhelpful attitude of those around him. But while this can often be a pressurized time, the qualities the Goat can demonstrate and the experience he gains can prepare him for the opportunities soon to emerge. September and November could see some interesting developments, including for those Goats seeking work, and pleasingly the Goat’s prospects will enjoy a noticeable improvement in the next Chinese year.
With the closing months of the year being a generally more expensive time, he should, however, keep watch over his spending and be wary of risk or buying too much on impulse.
His domestic and social life are both set to become busier at this time, but while the Goat will very much enjoy the activities that take place, including the chance to spend time with some people he does not often see, he will need to remain flexible. The Dragon year is no respecter of rigid timetables and plans could be subject to sudden change. However, sometimes spontaneity can bring extra meaning and the Goat will often enjoy himself as well as play a full part in what goes on.
The Year of the Dragon is never the easiest of years for the Goat, but as it draws to a close his prospects will brighten considerably.
The Year of the Snake starts on 10 February and ushers in a much more positive time for the Goat. After the pres­sures and vexations of the previous Ox and Dragon years, there will now be more opportunity for him to make progress at work as well as enjoy pleasing developments in his personal life. The Snake year is an encouraging one and a time to concentrate on the present and make the most of opportunities.
Throughout the year the Goat will benefit from the support and goodwill of others and whenever he is consid­ering possibilities or has decisions to make, it would be worth discussing his options with those who are able to advise. Sometimes just the process of talking will help the Goat to clarify in his own mind what it is best for him to do.
He can also benefit through meeting new people and over the year will have the chance to widen his social circle and make some good friends. In some cases those he meets will be in a similar situation to his own and there will be a natural rapport and understanding.
For Goats who would welcome company or new friends, this is very much a year for going out more and perhaps joining social groups or taking part in activities in their area. By taking positive action these Goats will soon get to meet others and may bring a sparkle to their life that has been missing in recent years. For the unattached, this can be a wonderful year for finding romance, while for those newly in love, this can be a blissful and heady time, with many settling down together or marrying. For relations with others, the Snake year can be exciting and meaning­ful, and the Goat can enjoy considerable personal happi­ness. February, April, July and September could see the most social activity, but such are the aspects that opportu­nities to meet others could occur at almost any time.
The Goat’s home life is also likely to see much activity over the year and many a Goat household will be faced with alterations to domestic routines and arrangements. Here co-operation and some flexibility will be needed. However, Goats are likely feel inspired this year and be keen to make changes to their home, and the projects the Goat sets himself will bring a great deal of pleasure to all concerned, although the actual process could take longer and involve more effort than anticipated.
In addition to the benefits any home improvements may bring, the Goat will appreciate sharing activities and inter­ests with his loved ones over the year. Once again his input can be the driving force behind a lot that happens, with some of his suggestions leading to some fine family occa­sions. His home life may not only be rewarding this year but there could be the additional excitement of a new family member or a celebration, anniversary or special birthday to mark.

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