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The Dragon likes to keep himself occupied and in the Dragon year (23 January 2012 – 9 February 2013) there will certainly be a lot for him to do. Dragon years favour activity and the closing months of this one will be a busy and inter­ring time for the Dragon.
In his work he will often have to deal with increased pressures. Sometimes this could be the result of staff short­ages or seasonal demand, but the closing months will certainly be busy. However, by prioritizing, using his skills to advantage and working closely with his colleagues, he can accomplish a great deal as well as add to his reputation and experience. For Dragons who are seeking work or look­ing to make headway, August and November could see some good possibilities, but generally the closing months of the Dragon year will provide many with opportunities to move forward.
The Dragon will also see an increase in spending at this time. To help, he should aim to spread out some of his purchases as well as keep alert for favourable buying oppor­tunities. Many Dragons will also have opportunities to travel towards the end of the year and the more this can be planned and saved for in advance, the more the Dragon will be able to do while away. Financially, this is a time for good control.
With the busy nature of the Dragon year, it is also impor­tant that the Dragon preserves quality time for spending with family and friends. In his home life, if he discusses plans in advance, he can have many activities, including travel, to look forward to. He will also appreciate meeting up with his friends and attending a variety of social events. However, when in company he does need to listen carefully to the views of others in order to avoid misunderstandings.
Overall, the Dragon year will be busy but in many ways constructive for him. The Year of the Snake begins on 10 February and will be a steadier one for the Dragon. Lacking the pace of the Tiger
year, it will give him the chance to concentrate on his prior­ities. Also, the following year is the Dragon’s own year and the progress he makes now can often stand him in good stead for the auspicious times that lie ahead. This can be a valuable year for him and its consequences far-reaching.
For the many Dragons who have experienced recent change at work, the Snake year will give them the chance to settle and familiarize themselves with their duties. As a result, these Dragons will often feel more satisfied than they have for some while. Another positive aspect of the year will be the way many Dragons will become an integral part of a team. This will also help their reputation and prospects.

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