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The Year of the Dragon (23 January 2012 – 9 February 2013) will have been a busy and interesting one for the Dog, but to get the most from what remains of it, he will need to act determinedly. It is a time to be active and bold.
His personal life is especially well aspected, and for the unattached, romance can bring much happiness. As the Dragon year draws to a close, the Dog can also look forward to an increasing number of social occasions. The final weeks of the year could give many Dogs the chance to meet someone they have not seen for some considerable time.
The Dog’s home life is also set to become busier and at all times he needs to liaise closely with others. If anything is concerning him or he would welcome additional help, he should let others know. In Dragon years it is important for Dogs to be forthcoming.
In work matters, Dragon years can be fast moving, and to do well the Dog will need to be adaptable and act quickly when he sees opportunities. September and November could be particularly active and potentially rewarding months.
In money matters the Dog could enjoy some good fortune, perhaps receiving a gift or some additional payment. By keeping alert, he could be fortunate in obtain­ing some items at very advantageous prices. As with so much in the Dragon year, it will reward him to remain aware and act quickly when the time is right.
The Snake year starts on 10 February and its message for the Dog is simple: build on your strengths and move forward. This is a positive time for him and a lot can go in his favour.
His personal life is particularly well aspected, with his relations with others both meaningful and positive. For those Dogs who are enjoying romance, perhaps with some­one met in the Dragon year, the indications are encouraging, and many will find their relationship growing ever stronger. For those currently unattached, the Snake year is superbly aspected. A chance meeting could be significant and while Dogs like to take their time in forming friend­ships, someone special could quickly add a new dimension to their life. Over the year quite a few Dogs will decide to settle down with a partner or marry
During the year the Dog should also take advantage of the social opportunities that come his way. By adding to his contacts, he could find himself benefiting from suggestions or just enjoying the chance to talk, socialize and enjoy shared interests. March to mid-April, June, August and October could see the most social activity, while for the unattached, Cupid’s arrow could strike at any time and possibly unexpectedly.
The positive aspects are not just restricted to the Dog’s social life, for many Dogs will also have excellent cause for some domestic celebrations during the year. This could be an addition to their family or some other gratifying news. In addition, with the Dog sensing that this is a year for making things happen, he may be tempted to move to accommodation more suited to his present needs. A lot is set to happen this year and although this can put additional pressure on the Dog, he will often delight in his achieve­ments.

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