Cancer Man Gemini Woman

The Gemini woman may be too much of a flirt ever to take your heart too seriously. Then again, it depends on what kind of mood she’s in. Gemini women can change from hot to cold quicker than a cat can wink its eye. Chances are her fluctuations will tire you after a time, and you’ll pick up your heart—if it’s not already broken into small pieces—and go elsewhere. Women born under the sign of the Twins have the talent of being able to change their moods and attitudes as frequently as they change their party dresses.
Sometimes, Geminis like to whoop it up. Some of them are good-time gals who love burning the candle to the wick. You’ll always see them at parties and gatherings, surrounded by men of all types, laughing gaily or kicking up their heels at every opportunity. Wallflowers, they’re not. The next day you may bump into her at the neighborhood library and you’ll hardly recognize her for her sensible attire. She’ll probably have five or six books under her arm—on five or six different subjects. In fact, she may even work there.
You’ll probably find her a dazzling and fascinating creature—for a time, at any rate. Most men do. But when it comes to being serious about love you may find that your sparkling Eve leaves quite a bit to be desired. It’s not that she has anything against being serious, it’s just that she might find it difficult trying to be serious with you.
At one moment, she’ll be capable of praising you for your steadfast and patient ways. The next moment she’ll tell you in a cutting way that you’re an impossible stick-in-the-mud.
Don’t even begin to fathom the depths of her mercurial soul—it’s full of false bottoms. She’ll resent close investigation anyway, and will make you rue the day you ever took it into your head to try to learn more about her than she feels is necessary. Better keep the relationship fancy free and full of fun until she gives you the go-ahead sign. Take as much of her as she is willing to give; don’t ask for more. If she does take a serious interest in you, then she’ll come across with the goods.
There will come a time when Gemini will realize that she can’t spend her entire life at the ball. The security and warmth you offer are just what she needs for a happy, fulfilled life.
The Gemini mother will be easygoing with her children. She’ll probably spoil them and dote on their every whim. Because she has a youthful outlook, she will be a fun playmate for her kids.

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