Cancer 2014 Love Horoscope

Now that Pluto is in your 7th house of love for many years to come, this is an important area of life and an area of great focus. Love has been challenging for the past two years. It is still challenging this year, but less so. If your relationship weathered the past two years it will survive the year ahead too.
Last years your love planet Saturn was in stressful aspect with both Pluto and Uranus. Love was severely tested. Anything less than perfection, which is what the cosmos wants for you, probably dissolved. This applied to business type partnerships as well as roman­tic ones. But the worst of the stress seems over with.
Your love planet is now in the 5th house of children and fun for the next two years, in the sign of Scorpio. Love atti­tudes have shifted now. Sexual magnetism seems the most important thing – you’ve had enough stress, now you want relationships that are enjoyable. You want that ‘honeymoon’ feeling. You will start to attract this kind of thing in the year ahead, only keep in mind that honeymoons don’t last for ever, as much as we try to make them. To expect a relation­ship to be a constant honeymoon is just not realistic.
Sexual chemistry is a vital component of any romantic relationship. However, this can be overdone. And this might be the case this year. Your love planet is in sexy Scorpio and Pluto, the generic ruler of sex, is in your 7th house of love. Good sex covers many sins, but of itself it is not enough to hold a relationship together. My experience has been that even the best of sexual chemistries have a life span of 9 to 12 months. So there is a need to look deeper into things and to take more things into account. On the other hand, singles don’t seem that serious about love this year, and with long-term commitment not a big issue right now their approach might be right – have fun, and when it’s over it’s over.
If your marriage or relationship weathered the past two years it’s time to have some fun together and perhaps go on a second honeymoon. If you are single and working on your first marriage, you find love at the usual places – clubs, resorts, places of entertainment. If you are working on the second marriage, love is in spiritual-type settings – medita­tion seminars, yoga kirtans, prayer meetings or charity events. Mere good sex will not be enough for you; you are looking for spiritual compatibility, a spiritual soul mate, and this kind of relationship is, most definitely, coming to you -most likely in the latter part of the year. Those working on the third marriage have a status quo kind of year.
In general, and this is a long-term trend, your love life, your social sphere, is getting a cosmic detox. Detoxing is seldom pleasant but the end result is good. Impurities in love, as with physical impurities in the body, need to be removed from the system so that healthy love can happen. You are in process of giving birth to the love life, the marriage, of your dreams. The problems and challenges are merely birth pangs.

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